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What Is Cerkl?

Cerkl (pronounced "Circle") is the evolution of email communication. In today's busy world, providing personalized content on the recipient's schedule is a requirement to cut through the noise. Once you have their attention, make it meaningful. Cerkl was built from the ground-up to help your organization engage with your supporters.

The days of "one message fits all" are over. On average, only 1 out of 5 traditional newsletters is opened. Not only does Cerkl cut through the noise, you'll never have to send another newsletter again. Just share what you're doing and Cerkl takes care of everything else.

Personalized Newsletters

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How It Works

Receiving yet another newsletter is NOT engaging. Receiving timely, pertinent news is engaging. Here's how we do it...

1 Add Your Organization

Your organization can be live in less than 60 seconds. Oh yeah, did we mention that it's FREE?

2 Invite Your Team

Invite everyone in your organization. They'll be able to post updates, needs and events. Posts can be tagged so anyone in the Cerkl-verse can learn about all the cool things you are doing.

3 Build Your Cerkl

Import your current email list. Your supporters can now fill out their profile (experience, education, skills, etc.) - all of which is searchable by you!

4 Personalize

Your supporters can now personalize their content based on their passions, their delivery schedule, who they can't miss hearing from and even their preferred language.

5 Search/Post

Not only does everyone in your organization have a voice, everyone can search too! Reach out to supporters based on what's meaningful to them.

6 Measure

Our engagement analytics let you know what is really resonating with your supporters. No more guessing! We kinda love data.

Now, can your listserv or email marketing platform do that?


What's Inside?

Cerkl was built for organizations by organizations. You speak - we listen. This is how you reinvent email engagement.

Cerkl public profile sample
Public Profile

Why hide the great things your organization is doing? People can now see what you're doing in and opt-in with one click!

Cerkl update/need/event

Anyone on your team can now post timely content. You can also schedule posts and simultaneously post to Twitter.

Cerkl search your supporters

Cerkl turns your list of email addresses into a searchable asset for your organization. Reach out based on what's meaningful to your supporters.

Cerkl engagement analytics

Quantifiable engagement metrics? Yes! Know how your organization is doing. Know what resonates with your supporters.

Cerkl news feed
Online and Archived

Any public post from your organization can now be searched, shared and liked. Everything is stored in the cloud to make your supporter's lives easier.

Cerkl content personalization

What if every email from your organization had something meaningful for the recipient? Cerkl allows each of your supporters to personalize their news. Both schedule and content!

Cerkl is for everyone

Who Should Use Cerkl?

If you're communicating with groups of people via email (listserv, Outlook, Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.), Cerkl is for you.

Just imagine - you'll NEVER have to send out another newsletter. As in EVER.