Cerkl Features


Empowering you with data you can really use.

Who is clicking?

See in real time who got your message and who you still need to reach.

What’s trending?

Get real, shareable stats on how your posts, videos, and events are performing.

How are we doing?

Know in an instant the stats that matter to you and the boss.

Do we measure up?

Learn how your stats stack up against national and industry averages.

What should we write?

Insights gives you an ever-updating list of topics your audience is hungry for.

How do my segments compare?

Get real-time engagement along any segment, like location, job, role or dept.


Increase Understanding

Insights is your cheat sheet for audience engagement wins and opportunities. We show you what works and what could use work.

Know Your Data

You don't need a Master's in Analytics to understand Insights. We give you the data you want, when and how you want it.

Stat Growth

Insights tracks your progress toward your personal and organizational goals. You can create custom dashboards and alerts to keep you on track.

Increase Understanding

Stop Digging for

Our Insights are easy to use and understand. Each time you log in, you will get a quick health check of your organization’s performance. You will always know where you stand with your employee audience.

Know Your Data

Data Driven Decisions

Don’t wonder about what stories do best. With Cerkl Insights you can quickly see what stories and events employees find most engaging. We can even tell you what employees want more of.

Stat Growth

Tracking Your Goals

Every organization has different goals they need to measure and report. We created Custom Dashboards to make it even easier to understand, interpret, and share your amazing Cerkl metrics.

Let us show you how Insights can help you reach your engagement goals.

Common Questions

How often are Insights updated?

Other systems can have you waiting for a day or even longer for your stats. Not Insights. We update your results every 15 minutes.

Beyond open rate, what can I track & measure with Insights?

Insights is so much more than open and click thru rates. We show you the most and least popular stories, engagement and clicks by employee, location, or job, and how your stats measure up to other internal comms teams.

How can I tell if an audience member is engaged?

Insights can show you what categories, story headlines, and events your employees enjoy the most. Beyond that, Insights can give you, well, insight, into what content and events you should be creating and hosting.