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How do you effectively connect a community of over 200,000 residents? Ask Clermont County, an area just east of Cincinnati.

Bob Pautke, Clermont County leader.


Like many community organizations, Clermont County had a plan to increase civic engagement. However, the content was in silos across various county organizations. Citizens were frustrated and the communicators couldn’t reach their goals.

They were seeking a way cross-share county content, without spamming or annoying residents. They found their answer in Cerkl.


Clermont County started using Cerkl 2 years ago to create a more connected community. 

“To set up the Cerkl took 0 time. The most difficult part was finding logos,” Bob Pautke, county spokesperson, said.

Today, many of Clermont County’s most vital organizations and associations are using Cerkl:

  • Park District
  • Public Library
  • Veterans Service Commission
  • Senior Services
  • Developmental Disabilities

With all the information automatically personalized, citizens are becoming more engaging in the happens and offerings of this growing county. Bob loves the results, “I think I’ve had 1 opt out in the time we’ve been on Cerkl”


Cerkl helps Clermont County communicate with their local residents, businesses, and organizations in an effective and personalized way. Their subscriber list has grown by over 30% since starting with Cerkl.

About this partnership

Client: Clermont County
Cerkl Products: Automated Email
Open Rate: 73%
Click-Thru Rate: 23%

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