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Anita Brothers loves engaging with alumni because she knows an engaged person is happier and more willing to give.

Anita Brothers, Director of Alumni Relations & Engagement at University of Dayton

Brothers is Director of Alumni Relations at University of Dayton, the largest private university in Ohio. The Flyers are known their academics, research and community involvement.

UD is taking bold steps in the area of alumni engagement. Brothers believes that true alumni engagement begins before a student even steps foot on Dayton’s campus.

Using Cerkl’s technology and powerful data, they’ve created an engagement strategy that follows the Flyers through all of life’s stages; tailoring the messages to resonate, not bother, these precious prospects.

“Knowing the current interests of our alumni is unbelievably valuable to us. Cerkl gives us the insights to help drive engagement.”


All of University of Dayton’s content is automatically pulled in to Cerkl. Then our Automated Personalization tech delivers beautiful, personalized content to their 95,000 subscribers.

Anita and her team even crafted this amazing launch video, asking their alumni to personalized their flight plan. Once a Flyer, always a Flyer.


About this partnership

Client: University of Dayton Alumni Relations
Click Thru Rate: 11% 
List size:  94,276

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