Internal Comms Internal Communications Champion

Meet Cerkl’s Internal Communications Champion

Storytelling has played a central role in my career since my early 20s. As a former journalist, I stumbled into internal communications by happenstance. I fell in love with the opportunity to engage employees with brand-defining stories that uncover the secret sauce behind colleagues’ actions and how their contributions netted business wins.

When done well, corporate storytelling can rival action-packed sports coverage. We uncover challenges, humanize leaders in action, and reveal the playbooks behind critical team wins.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been fortunate to work for leaders who understood the importance of employee communications, but I still dealt with challenges. I wanted to be seen more as a strategic business partner and less as an order taker. As a business owner of the intranet, Corporate Communications had to compete with revenue-generating lines of business for IT resources. It was often difficult to procure reliable analytical tools to measure employee traffic or solicit support to develop a technology roadmap of important intranet updates. The list of challenges went on and on…

A 2018 study from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. found that 60% of companies do not have a long-term internal communications strategy at all. Of the 40% of businesses that do, 12% do not measure the effectiveness of these communications. Corporate leaders often don’t connect internal communications best practices to employee engagement because they don’t have tools to measure the success of this work. Yet, there’s overwhelming evidence that strategic corporate communications programs that integrate an organization’s ethos—its mission, vision, and values—with strategic business initiatives help engage and motivate employees.

Understanding Internal Communicators’ Challenges – and Building the Solution

Then, I discovered Cerkl, an internal communications solution that provides the stats communicators need to prove their ROI to their higher-ups. Cerkl truly cares about internal communicators’ challenges; that’s why they asked me to join their team. This way, they’re always in sync with the heartbeat of the IC industry.

As Cerkl’s Business Solutions Architect, I help companies reimagine their employee experience by solving some of the top internal communication and engagement challenges.

As a starting point, I work to understand a company’s structure and key communications challenges. For instance, do communicators struggle to show the ROI of their work? Are they underwater with little time to produce compelling content? Do they struggle with reaching their employee audiences with relevant, personalized information? Do they measure employee communications?

Up-close and Personal

With a greater understanding of a company’s current state of communications, I help build out their Cerkl solution so they can see it up-close and in action. By applying real-world scenarios, we can showcase Cerkl’s automated layout and design, its cross-platform intelligence, and how machine learning powers the delivery of a truly personalized communication experience. Through Cerkl’s content management system, we see what content employees are required to read, along with content they’ve told us they want to read and the channel (intranet, email, or mobile) in which they’ve consumed the content. Like Netflix, Cerkl uses machine learning to uncover the content preferences of employees to target relevant content better.

Ensuring Your Success

Once implemented, we don’t just hand over Cerkl and walk away. We help guide companies on how to best resource, introduce, and utilize Cerkl. Our Customer Success team delivers thorough training and periodic webinars. We don’t believe in service-level agreements, and never nickel and dime clients for technical assistance. We also include individual quarterly client calls to review your results and create goals for the next quarter. We help internal communicators become strategic rock stars with their leaders by sharing insights that track their progress toward organizational objectives.

It’s cliche to say, but my work has come full “circle.” The same challenges I faced as an internal communicator, I now help others overcome every day. Interested in learning more about Cerkl? Send me a LinkedIn message, I’d love to connect with you!

I thrive off of discussing internal communicators' ideas and strategies, coffee mug in hand.