One-Stop Shop Software Will Have You Shopping Again

I meet with lots of universities, colleges, corporations, nonprofits, all looking for that magic silver bullet software that will solve their every problem. At Cerkl, we’ve been very intentional to keep our product focused on solving one issue – engagement.

For growing businesses, it is tempting to fall into the trap of being everything to everyone but buyers should beware of software vendors that have gone down this road. Software touting every bell and whistle becomes bloated and inoperable.

Buyers who’ve bought into this soup-to-nuts situation are frustrated that essential functions aren’t as sophisticated as they would like – which is typically why we get their call. You should be shopping for the best of breed in each category of your needs. Good software vendors build flexible program interfaces that allow programs to talk to one another.

Once you pick the best of breed for each of your needs, have your vendors integrate with each other and you will have a personalized system that will win the race every time.

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