Saving Time – We Sell This, but It’s Not Really What We Do

But what are they really saying and what are we really selling? Although our marketing says, “we will save you time,” that’s not what is really happening. Think about it, time is just that- it is time, therefore timeless. In reality, Cerkl can’t make or save time as we all have the same amount of time as the next person.

Ok, I know I’m starting to sound like Yoda, but let me get to the point.

Time is about balancing the relationship with what you value most. Cerkl centers our customers with what they value most, their customers, their audience. We bring them full circle to “their why, right now.”

As a result, their time is redirected to what matters most, listening to their customer. They feel like they have more time and are happier because they are spending their time on the things that matter most and have the biggest impact on their company.

Everyone says, “I’m so busy, I just don’t have time.” As Co-Founder of Cerkl, I’ve had the joy and wonder of learning with so many of our departments from marketing to customer success.

My time recently has been focused on our sales strategy and often times, the biggest response I get from people is “we don’t have time.” There is, in epidemic portions, more and more responses heavy with overwhelm, fatigue, and some of downright misery. After pouring through thousands of emails, I took the time to reflect on the words of our prospects and what they really mean. They all feel underwater and they all feel they have no time.

The escape to feeling the heaviness of lack of time is to redirect your energy to what you and your company value most. Spending time on the things that really matter. That’s why our customers feel a weightlessness when working with us, it’s not because we magically gave them an additional 10 hours per week from designing their newsletter, it’s because their time is now redirected to really looking at real listening data and knowing what their audience values most and in the knowing they are able to deliver value.

As the busy holiday season approaches, your feeling of ‘not having enough time’ will only get worse if you don’t stop and reflect on what would matter most to you and your organization.

Identify how you spend your time and if it is filled with tactical activity that keeps you busy but doesn’t help drive value to your customer, then red flag those items and see how you can use innovative tools or products to increase the ROI on those tasks. Taking the time to stop and circle back to what matters most will help you deliver value that is timeless.

If you need help in choreographing a session with your team to unearth what matters most in terms of engaging your audience, call us. We can help.

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