With a presence in 46 countries, general releases no longer do the trick. Learn how personalizing Intel’s messaging can engage its’ global workforce.

Intel benefits includes:


Stat Growth

Our Insights feature tracks your progress toward Intel's organizational goals such as awareness metrics and individual engagement scores. Your custom dashboards can be filtered by location, gender, and interests.

Worldwide Engagement

With +100 languages to translate newsletters, Intel's worldwide employee audience can engage with content that is both globally and locally relevant - critical for shared success.

Increased Reach

Give your content fresh life by showing it off on your app, website, or intranet. It takes just two minutes to get web personalization up and running on any intranet.

Intel by the numbers:

Intel By the Numbers


+110 K

Employees Worldwide


Countries Located In


Newsletters Per Month

$7.4 M

Total Savings with Cerkl

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