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Real engagement solutions for your employees

With knowledge from over 300 internal comms practitioner interviews, we’ve busted the biggest blockades you face when creating a unified employee experience.

Cerkl Broadcast - Employee Communications

Leadership comms

Cultivate a transparent corporate culture that drives performance.

Strong HR comms

Create a personalized onboarding experience and targetted updates.

Business unit comms

Easily align your dispersed teams with your cross-channel strategy.

Cover all of your organizational channels and needs.

Cerkl Broadcast - Employee Communications
Email Blasts

Send crisis comms in an instant

Closures, government updates, and crisis comms are quickly sent to your employees’ inboxes. For other one-off emails such as earnings announcements, you can schedule to deploy to the correct distribution list.

Cross-channel notifications

Cut down on your emails

With our Email Blasts, personalized intranet plugin, and mobile push notifications, reach your employees wherever they’re at through cross-channel comms.

Cerkl Broadcast - Employee Communications
Cerkl Broadcast - Employee Communications
Personalized news

Go beyond your 100+ distribution lists

Starting with a branded Welcome email, let your employees select what type of content they want to see, when they want to see it, and even how it looks. We’ll curate and personalize their individual newsletter content based on their interests and positions.

Broadcast engages over 2 million people every month