Cerkl Solutions

Create a clutter-free mobile employee experience

Deliver individualized content to your employees based on their position, location, and interests.

Cerkl Broadcast - Engaging Mobile Workers

Connect employees

Swiftly transfer your employee profiles to our mobile Employee Directory.

Push notifications

Critical updates can reach your employees’ mobile iOS or Android device.

In-house linking

Our customizable employee menu is specific to your organization’s needs.

Simplify your frontline and in-office communications.

Cerkl Broadcast - Engaging Mobile Workers
Employee Directory

Unite your dispersed workforce

From factory workers to sales teams, connect your employees to one another and foster a more collaborative, productive environment.

Essential Links Menu

Make your resources more accessible

Your organization’s timesheets, requests, forms, and more are available to your employee audience in a mobile menu you can fully customize.

Cerkl Broadcast - Engaging Mobile Workers
Cerkl Broadcast - Engaging Mobile Workers
Push notifications

Keep employees informed during a crisis

Avoid your employees’ over-messaged inboxes when you need to send out critical information such as HR updates, location closures, or emergency communications.

Broadcast sends to over 2 million people per month