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Cerkl selects what content will resonate with each member of your audience and sends them a custom newsletter.

Bringing All Your Content Together
Bringing All Your Content Together

Point Cerkl to anywhere you’re creating digital content — websites, blogs, YouTube, Vimeo, Eventbrite, etc. and we will automatically create an archive of your news, events, and videos. Cerkl is always searching your channels for new content so we can deliver your audience the most up-to-date, personalized newsletter and website experience.

Automatically Engage Your Audience

Using your content and the information we already know about your audience, Cerkl selects what news will resonate with each individual and sends them their own custom newsletter. The more content they read, the better you get to know them.

Your Message, Their Schedule

Not everyone wants a newsletter Tuesday at 8 a.m. So Cerkl lets your audience choose the time and day they want to hear from you. Then we automatically create and deliver a personalized newsletter to each member of your audience.

Stop Designing Email Newsletters

What could you accomplish if you had an extra 24 hours a month? That’s how much time our partners are saving with automatically personalized emails. No more copying and pasting your content and images from platform to platform. It’s all done for you, beautifully.

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