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Aileron is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping businesses of all types solve problems and learn how to operate at an optimum level. 

Nicole Luisi, Senior Brand Manager


Aileron wanted to engage their audience with meaningful content for a better customer experience.

The organization had great content, but struggled to send the right content to the right people at the right time. They spent hours creating newsletters for their numerous and varied segments and once sent, had difficulty tracking their audience data and analytics.


Aileron utilizes Cerkl’s power of personalization by scheduling content they love on the client’s own schedule.

Cerkl plays a pivotal role in delivering on Aileron’s brand promise, by helping them deliver relevant content on schedules that make sense to their busy audience. Aileron understands the lack of free time that small business owners have, especially to go through numerous daily email newsletters.


“The small business community we serve deserves meaningful and relevant content, which means only receiving the content they want, and when they want it,” Nicole Luisi, Aileron’s Senior Brand Manager shared. “Personalizing each members’ content via Cerkl has allowed our members to save time from filtering through things they don’t want to read, watch, or listen. The advice and tools they do receive challenges their thinking and, ultimately, helps them do their job better.”

About this partnership

Client: Aileron
Cerkl Products: Automated Email
Open Rate: 54%
Click-Thru Rate: 16%

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