Discover how personalized communications can connect Kaiser Permanente’s dispersed workforce.

Cerkl can help Kaiser Permanente thrive.

Beyond Segmentation

Taking your employees out of their buckets, and providing 1-on-1 innovative communications.

Innovative Insights

Individual metrics will help your corporate comms team measure its progress and show your value.

Sharepoint Sucks

Finally - one platform to rule them all. Cerkl streamlines all of your content via your RSS feeds.

Unified Workforce

With 3,500+ unit-based teams, admin levels can better cross-departmental and team collaboration.

Personalized Content

Using A.I., preventative health care pioneers will receive content that's relevant and on their time.

We Did the Math

Using our Automation Impact Calculator, we’re able to see how much Kaiser Permanente can save.

220+ K

Employees Nationwide




Newsletters Per Month

$14.8 M

Total Savings with Cerkl