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Internal comms measurements that prove your ROI

Don't be satisfied with just the tip of the iceberg - use metrics and analytical tools that show your impact.

Cerkl Broadcast - Measuring Your Communications

Valuable insights

No need to take swings, know what communications your employees actually want.

Unique metrics

Who clicked on your content? What channel is the most popular? Now you’ll know.

Show your value

Measure the impact of your comms on your organization to show management.

The power of real-time analytics.

Cerkl Broadcast - Measuring Your Communications

Prove your team’s ROI

Cerkl’s real-time analytics and metrics show the value of your internal communications efforts. Create organizational dashboards that can be easily shared with your business partners.

Individual metrics

Get to know every employee with unique metrics

Individual content and employee metrics such as their top five interests and engaged content are available at your team’s fingertips. Compare team, location, and employee data to inform your strategic decisions.

Cerkl Broadcast - Measuring Your Communications
Cerkl Broadcast - Measuring Your Communications
Customer Success

We’re dedicated to your team’s success

Your Dedicated Account Manager will help you create, manage, and track your engagement goals with quarterly health checks and continuous support. Through Cerkl’s professional services our Data Scientists can help project future results.

Broadcast engages over 2 million people every month