Holiday Genealogy & Closings

Things have gotten a little crazy here at MCPL with the upcoming holiday season, programs, and demo/reno at the permanent library location.  As such, the regularly scheduled meeting of Heritage Hounds for Thursday, December 14 has been cancelled.  Weather permitting, the group will reconvene in January on the 11th.

Additionally, the genealogy room will be closed for several upcoming meetings in the month of December.  The room will be closed Friday, December 8, Monday, December 11, and Wednesday, December 13.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

However, family get-togethers during the holidays are the perfect time to work on your family trees.  Check out the following tips to sneak in some genealogy during this festive season:

  • Download and print out MCPL's Pedigree Chart and Family Group Sheet to hand out (along with pencils and pens).  Have people fill out the forms as well as they can and ask if you can email them with questions later.
  • Do you have an Ancestry, My Heritage, Family Search, or other online family tree account?  Ask your relatives if they have an account and exchange contact information.  Better still, ask if they can download the GEDCOM file and either send it to you or put it on a thumb drive.  You can always upload their file to your account and cross-reference it with your information.  (And always keep extra thumb drives on you!)
  • Take your smart phone, digital camera or wand scanner and get copies of those family photos hanging on the walls.  Ask if you can peruse photo albums and get images of those, as well as jotting down the names of individuals in the photos.
  • Have photos of your own with people you don't know?  Take those images to your holiday bash and ask people to help you identify the people in the photos. 
  • Turn your photo search into a photo swap!  Have everyone bring in old family photos and allow each person to take photos or scans of your images.  Turn the entire event into a "Do you know who I am" party.
  • Use your smart phone or invest in a digital recorder to get stories from your relatives.  Grab grandma and ask her about her youth.  Turn the recorder on during the family meal while stories are being told.  You might discover a family member of whom you've never heard.

Above all, have fun with your family and friends during this holiday season.  And from all of us here at MCPL - Happy Holidays!

Pedigree Chart:

Family Group Sheet:

Holiday Closings: December 22, December 23, December 25, January 1

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