The Power of Personalization

Whether you're looking to deliver more relevant content, better understand your audience, increase engagement and/or increase giving, Cerkl's automated personalization technology can help.

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Disengagement? We have the solution.

People are busier than ever. Here's how we keep you connected.

  • 1. Your Content

    You can enter content directly into Cerkl (news, events) and/or have Cerkl read your existing content channels (website, blog, YouTube, etc.).

  • 2. Learning

    Cerkl automatically learns about the interests of each person in your audience based on how they engage with your email and website(s).

  • 3. Personalization

    No more guessing. Personalized, relevant content delivered to each individual.

  • 4. Insights

    No more surveys. Real-time data shows how your content is performing, who's engaged and much more.

ā€œCerkl's ability to personalize and learn - tailoring relevant content - is the future of communication.ā€

Mike Halloran Social Wildfire
Mike Halloran Principal,Social Wildfire
Director, P&G Alumni Network
  • Less Work. Better Results.

    • Less Work

      Cerkl grabs your existing digital content (website, blog, YouTube, etc.) so you don't have to put together a newsletter. It's all done for you!

    • Better Results

      Relevant content leads to higher open and click through rates. You can also see how your content is performing and what your audience wants.

  • Personalization content insights
  • Know the answers.

    What does your audience want? It's the $64 million question for every marketer. Luckily, we like you. Insights are included for all of our customers.

    • Audience Insights
    • Searchable

For Development...

What if you could take everyone out for coffee and learn about each person's current interests? Cerkl provides you with the same information -- without the caffeine.

  • Stewardship. Automated.

    Our technology learns about a person's interests and delivers them content they care about.

  • Always Learning

    Imagine knowing a prospect's top interests before your first meeting.

Don't take our word for it.

We have happy partners (we don't like the word customers) in every vertical - from non-profits to higher education to for-profits. Small to large organizations. If you're looking to increase engagement, we can help.

  • Purdue University
  • Scripps
  • Miami University
  • Allen County Public Library
  • P&G Alumni
  • Quad Cities Chamber
  • University of Dayton
  • University of Wisconsin

Everyone starts for free.

No credit card required :) Upgrade whenever you're ready. Zero risk.
  • Free!

    No Credit Card Needed
    • Up to 100 contacts
    • Personalized email
    • Personalized web
    • 2 content sources
      Cerkl will automatically listen to your communication channels.
  • Bronze

    per Month
    • Pricing based on contacts
    • Personalized email
    • Personalized web
    • Email campaigns
      Need to send a dedicated message? We've got you.
    • 5 content sources
  • Silver

    per Month
    • Pricing based on contacts
    • Personalized email
    • Personalized web
    • Email campaigns
    • Unlimited content sources
  • Gold

    per Month
    • Pricing based on contacts
    • Personalized email
    • Personalized web
    • Email campaigns
    • Unlimited content sources
    • Dedicated IP address
      Maximize email deliverability.
    • Full API access
      Easily integrate with your CMS or CRM.

    • Need a private Cerkl?
      Perfect for personalizing your internal communication.
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