Cerkl for Higher Education

Increase Student &
Alumni Engagement

Cerkl brings all of your content together to create automatically personalized email, mobile, and web experiences.

6 Week Launch

Accessible for all

Analytics Included

Collaborate Easily

Easy Integrations

Email Personalization

Mobile Ready

Website Personalization

Less Work

Overloaded? Email personalization will save your team 40 hours a month.

Increased Giving

Cerkl is automatically learning about the passions of your audience. Interest-based solicitations are just a click away!

Serious Stats

Cerkl partners’ average click thru rate is 6x the national average. That means more eyeballs on your content.

2.4 M

Emails Sent

112 M

Personalized Emails

29 K

Staff Hours Saved


Avg. Engagement Increase

Email Personalization

Cerkl personalizes newsletters using the content you've already created.

Web Personalization

Turn any web site or app into a personalized content showcase.

Content Manager

Bring all your content together in one searchable, sortable place.


Stop digging for data and start understanding your audience.

Email Blasts

Create emails using our quick & friendly creator.

Customer Success

Always available, our team helps you reach goals big and small.