Customer Success

Your Success is Ours

Let our team of engagement superstars help you reach your organizational goals with Cerkl.

Always Available

Online, email, or phone support are all available to help make your Cerkl experience as smooth as possible.

Personal Champion

Beyond support, we are your #1 fan, helping you reach your communication goals through our platform.

Reaching Goals

We arm you with tools to turn your goals into accomplishments.

Always Improving

We work with our engineers to turn your ideas into product enhancements.

Advanced Analysis

Sharing industry and Cerkl best practices to help you take full advantage of your growing engagement.

Continuing Education

Each month, we share news and best practices in our Cerkl U webinar series.

Let us show you how Customer Success can help you reach your engagement goals.

Common Questions

What are some common goals people try to reach with Cerkl?

No two organizations are the same, but here are some common goals our clients set out to achieve with Cerkl:

  • Increasing Click-Thru Rate
  • Increasing Web Traffic
  • Saving Staff Time
How long does it take to launch with Cerkl?

No heavy lifting here. It usually takes less than 6 weeks to launch your Cerkl. We have a tried and tested process that brings the right people in the loop at the right time to minimize slow downs.

How long does it take to get a support question answered?

Most our support questions are answered by the close of the day. If your question requires a little more help, it could take up to 24 hours but we will keep you in the loop the whole time.