Cerkl Features

Email Blasts

Quickly connect a single message to your audience.


Create Quickly

If you can type a Word Document, you can use our builder to create a helpful Email Blast.

Send Confidently

Everything that will be sent is visible and simple to change out.

Target Effectively

Choose who receives your message based on segment, location, or interests.

Create Quickly

Send Custom Emails

Occasionally you need to quickly get in contact with your audience outside their personalized newsletter send time to showcase a big event, closing, or announcement. That's why we created Email Blasts. It's the easiest email creator you've ever used

Send Confidently

Responsive Design

Every Email Blast is mobile friendly and perfect for any screen. Just choose the elements you want to add, put your spin on them, and see the progress as you build. No post-send surprises here. Just beautiful messages your audience will love.

Target Effectively

Choose Your Audience

Not all emails are for your entire audience, so we created the Audience Feature to help you find the right part of your audience to send to. You can target users by segment or interest right from the campaign. We will show you in real time what portion of your audience will receive your message.

Let us show you how Email Blasts can help you reach your engagement goals.

Common Questions

How does Email Blasts audience targeting work?

Audience targeting allows you to select what portion of your audience receives an Email Blast. You can target by segment, location, or interests. As you select these targets, we will show you how many of your audience members will receive your message.

Can I save my own templates?

Of course! If you make an Email Blast you love, or are likely to send again, just save it as a template and it will always be available for you to edit in the future. We also allow you to upload your own HTML files.

Can I add videos to my Email Blasts?

Yes, but kinda. Email services like Outlook and Gmail don’t allow videos to be played inside emails but Email Blasts has a Element that will take your video link and pull in the thumbnail and a play button. If a reader clicks the video, it will open and play for them on a site of your choosing.