Cerkl Features


Amazing engagement AND less work.


Work Normally

Publish your content the places you usually do: blog, intranet, event calendars, app, video, and social.

Cerkl Automates

Cerkl finds your content and brings it into our system to begin the personalization process.

Audience Engagement

Our system then curates, builds, and sends each member of your audience a personalized newsletter based on preferences.

Work Normally

Uniting Your Content

We don't want to change the way you work, just make it easier. So Cerkl is always searching your channels for new content so we can deliver your audience the most relevant personalized email experience. Just tell us where to look and let our automation bring all your content together into one place.

Cerkl Automates

Cross-Channel Intelligence

Email personalization allows your audience to consume content in the channel they want without forcing you to post the same content everywhere. No more copying and pasting your content and images from platform to platform. It’s all done for you, beautifully.

Audience Engagement

True Personalization

Cerkl selects what news will resonate with each individual and sends them their own custom newsletter. Don't worry, you can still ensure that everyone sees a certain story or event. Your audience can pick the day, time, format, and language. The more content they read, the better you get to know them.

Let us show you how email personalization can save you time while giving you the best email stats of your career.

Common Questions

How do you know an audience member will like a piece of content?

Cerkl’s system uses the preferences your audience shares during their personalized on-boarding, and their behavior with your content over time to build a list of relevant, and interesting content categories.

Can I see my audience's interests?

Cerkl makes it easy to understand what content your audience wants more of and what they could do without. You can see a 10,000 foot overview, or dig into the engagement of each piece by audience member.

Can you really save me 40 hours a month?

It might be more. It takes about 10 total hours to put together an email newsletter. Cerkl takes all of that off your plate, giving you more time for strategy, and big time thinking. People will think you are a wizard.