Cerkl Features


Turn any intranet, app, or website into a personalized content showcase.


Better Stats

Personalized content on your channels means a deeper relationship with your organization's stories.

Increased Reach

Give your content fresh life by showing it off on your app, website, or intranet.

Fits in Great

It takes just two minutes to get web personalization up and running on any intranet.

Better Stats

Engagement Everywhere

Cerkl brings the same personalization your audience enjoys on platforms like Netflix to your website. Each time your employees visit your site, the stories, events, opportunities they care about are front and center, making them feel special and welcome.

Increased Reach

Cross-Channel Intelligence

Free your staff from searching multiple channels for valuable information. Web personalization allows your employees to consume content in the channel they want without forcing you to post the same content everywhere.

Fits in Great

Fills Any Space

With sidebar and footer options available, Cerkl's web personalization was created to fit in on any intranet, app, or website. There are 42 million ways to make Cerkl your own. If you’ve got 2 minutes, we can personalize your intranet.

Let us show you how web personalization can help you reach your engagement goals.

Common Questions

Do I need IT to get web personalization on my site?

Not usually. Cerkl’s web personalization can be installed by your website, app, or intranet manager. It’s just a small block of Javascript.

How does Cerkl choose which stories to show?

If the site viewer is one of your Cerkl employee audience members, then our web personalization will show unseen, relevant content based on their interests, popularity, and priorities set by your organization. If the visitor isn’t one of your subscribers, we will show trending and popular content.

Will an employee see the same content in the web personalization section as they do in my newsletter?

No. If an employee has clicked on the content, be it in email or via web personalization, they will not see it in the web personalization showcase or in their next newsletter. Your content will always appear fresh and relevant to your audience.