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You get everything. No surprises.

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  • Real, measurable employee engagement change for a few bucks a month per employee.

Unlimited Newsletters

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We spent about 10 hours a week on our newsletter, that has been eliminated now. We have moved on and filled that time with a million other things.

Tonya Hurst

Cerkl allows us to make our newsletter a very reliable resource to our associates which contains relevant information that they actually want to hear and learn about.

Sarah Wice-Courtney
St. Elizabeth Healthcare

People wanted to receive more frequent communications and updates about what's going on. Prior to Cerkl, it just wasn't as easy to facilitate that.

Melissa Reynolds
Standard Textile

Cerkl saves us a lot of time by automatically pulling the content from our intranet and feeding it into beautifully designed newsletters that go out automatically.

Tonya Hurst

We can get a sense behind who's engaged, what they're interested in and how frequently they are accessing content. That's just given us more insight than we ever had before.

Melissa Reynolds
Standard Textile