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40 Most Valuable Internal Communications Podcasts to Listen in 2024

Looking for a great, valuable internal communications podcast to listen to in 2024? We bring you 40, totally free, so you can stay informed and updated!
Written by: Penny Swift
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Published: December 18, 2023
importance of the internal communication

The Importance of Internal Communication

Effective internal communication is the backbone of every successful organization. Learn the ins and outs of internal communications with our research-backed white paper.

Welcome to the world of internal communication podcasts, where the power of voice transforms the way organizations connect and engage with their employees.

In this digital age, communication is not just about the written word. It encompasses the compelling rhythm of conversations, and the resonance of shared stories, and enables a dynamic exchange of ideas.

importance of internal communication

We invite you to join us as we explore the ever-evolving realm of internal communication podcasts. We aim to examine how this innovative medium is reshaping the corporate landscape and breaking down silos. Ultimately, you will see how internal communications podcasts help to foster a unique sense of unity among teams working together in the broad spectrum of organizations. 

Evolution of the Internal Communications Podcasts

According to research expert Marie Charlotte Götting from Statista, a study released early in 2022 shows that in 2006, only 22% of the adult population in the U.S. was familiar with podcasting. Fast forward 17 years, and this awareness has surged to 79% and its use for storytelling, interviews, educational purposes, and building brand awareness continues to grow.  

In 2021, more than 82 million people tuned in to podcasts, and this number is anticipated to climb, surpassing 100 million listeners in 2024. That, in anyone’s language, is massive growth!

internal communication podcast statistics

In its definitive 2023 State of the Sector report on internal communication trends, Gallagher defines the broadcast channels for internal communications. The report notes that because the boundaries between print, digital, and face-to-face communication continue to blur, they have grouped channels according to what they empower employers to do:

  1. Broadcast internal communications channels enable them to share corporate messages.
  2. Collaboration and interpersonal channels enable them to drive networking and collaborative working.
  3. Self-serve channels enable employers to find the information they need – with an internal communications podcast slotting into this channel.   

Self-Serve Channels and Podcasts

Gallagher researchers found that employee portals and intranets are the most commonly used self-serve channels, especially in organizations with more than 500 employees. On average, across the board, intranet is used by 75% and employee portals by 70% of employees. Employee communication apps are used by 25%, podcasts by 13%, AI by 9%, and Extranet by 8%.

most used self-serving channels

Interestingly, podcasts are used much more in very large enterprises with more than 10,000 people – with the percentage rising to 25% usage. Only 6% use the internal comms podcast in small businesses with less than 500 people.   

In its Global State of Internal Communications 2023 Report, Contact Monkey examines the channels and tools used by internal communicators. They found that podcasts are regarded as relatively valuable. They show that informative webinars, templates and practical resources, virtual or in-person conferences, email templates, and blogs are considered to be more valuable than the internal comms podcast. But ebooks and whitepapers are regarded as being less valuable. 

Tuning into the authentic voices within your organization might just be the missing piece to elevate your internal communication strategy to new heights.

Invitation to Pick Your Favorite Internal Communications Podcast

We have chosen 40 of our favorite internal comms podcast providers. We don’t expect you to like them all — but you might! To help you choose your own faves, we’ve given you a bit of info about the podcast itself and then chosen an example from each for you to listen to. Enjoy!

#1 What the HR!

Hosted by Twin Cities Society for Human Resource Management (TCSHRM) volunteers, Jessie Novey and Mike Thul, What the HR! Is an award-winning podcast. Their broad aim is to explore ways to build people-centric businesses using modern approaches and practices. 

In this episode, Dr. Ben Grainger, chief workplace psychologist and head of EX advisory services at Qualtrics discusses his company’s 2024 Employee Experience Trends Report

#2 Vantage Influencers Podcast

The mission of Vantage Circle is to improve employee experiences and help co-workers cultivate meaningful connections via wellness and innovative recognition solutions. The company’s Vantage Influencers’ internal communications podcasts introduce HR thought-leaders who talk about anything and everything about HR.

This podcast episode, HR Tech: Future of Employee Feedback, is especially close to our hearts. It features Cerkl founder and CEO, Tarek Kamil exploring how employee feedback is reshaping the way organizations connect with their workforce. 

#3 Transform Your Workplace

The Transform Your Workplace podcast focuses on everything you need to build a really great workplace. They cover all sorts of topics including HR, company culture, leadership, workplace trends, and internal communications. 

We have singled out a podcast episode, Mastering the Art of Communication – Insights from Jane Hanson. If you didn’t know, Jane is an Emmy award-winning TV journalist and communication coach. She joins host Brandon Laws to discuss secrets of good communication. 

#4 Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast

As its name suggests, this is a focused internal communications podcast — and it’s a high-level option designed for Cerkl Broadcast customers. We launched the podcast to provide a listening experience that is designed to empower internal communicators. So, if you want to stay current on best practices and experience an exchange of ideas, tune in and listen. 

Our sample experience is from an Internal Comms podcast that discusses the tools you can use to prove your value as an internal communicator. 

#5 Recruiting Future

Matt Alder is the host of the Recruiting Future podcast. His mission is to encourage businesses to use podcasts to increase ROI. As he says, it’s the perfect way to connect, engage, and influence your target audience. We know how well it can work with employees when it’s done the right way! 

The sample podcast we chose from Recruiting Future is The Power of Employee Value Propositions. In it, he talks to Vicki Saunders, founder of the EVP Consultancy about these potent tools.   

#6 The Institute of Internal Communication

Based in the UK, the Institute of Internal Communication helps organizations and individuals to succeed by promoting the highest standards of internal communications. One of the ways that they do this is via their internal communications podcasts. 

We’ve chosen a podcast that features Perry Timmins, founder and CEO of People and Transformational HR. Ranked HR’s Most Influential Thinker in 2022 by HR Magazine, he’s certainly worth listening to. You can hear him talking about embracing organizational agility in the future of work. 

#7 AB Comm

AB Comm has an interesting take that makes 100% sense. “People were once seen as mere extensions of the machinery. We know better now. When employees feel informed, involved and inspired, remarkable things happen.” We agree. 

There are lots of internal comms podcast choices here, but we opted for How to build a one-person IC powerhouse with host Katie Macaulay. If you feel as if you are fighting an uphill battle as an internal communicator this podcast may have some solutions. 

#8 Employee Engagement Podcast

The Employee Engagement Podcast was founded to help business professionals improve … you got it … employee engagement. Host Srikanth Acharya talks to hiring managers, seasoned recruiters, and HR professionals who understand the challenges of improving employee engagement in the workplace.

The podcast we are highlighting here features Gauri Das, an engineer who became an HR professional. With more than 15 years of experience under her belt, she’s got a lot to share. 

#9 The Employee Onboarding Podcast

As its name suggests, Employee Onboarding focuses on improving new employee experiences in its internal communications podcasts. To do this, they draw on invaluable experience from business operators and a wide range of HR experts. 

Our top podcast choice from these guys and gals is The ‘WOW’ Factor: Rethinking Employee Onboarding and Retention because we know how important retention is. Their guest for the podcast is Erica Gordon-Roberts, who is director of Human Resources at LookListen, a cutting-edge digital marketing agency based in Atlanta.

#10 People and Performance Podcast

The People and Performance Podcast talks about ways that organizations can improve company culture and what they call “people performance.” They look at the link between HR processes and technology and examine how these relate to the employee experience as well as the company’s bottom line. The aim is to help organizations when it comes to recruiting, hiring, developing, and managing their businesses. 

There are lots of different topics that fit this podcast. We’ve chosen, Is Burnout the Biggest Threat to High Performance? 

#11 Culture Over Coffee

Beth Sunshine is the host of Culture Over Coffee which focuses on improving company culture and promoting employee engagement. The experts she talks to share proven ways to reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, and keep customers happy. 

The podcast episode we decided to focus on looks at unlocking employee engagement through a shared vision. One of many things you will learn is why demonstrating and not just communicating your company’s vision is a vital key to success. 

#12 The Employee Advocacy & Influence Podcast

The Employee Advocacy & Influence Podcast aims to show organization leaders and employers how they can empower their employees. Essentially, what they say is that you need to scale the impact of your employees’ voices. Their podcast tells you how to do this. 

We’ve chosen a podcast titled 3 Quick Wins for Employee Advocacy to introduce you to this podcast. It’s worth a listen. 

#13 HR Problem Solver

This is a podcast that was designed for professionals as well as CEOs and business owners. Hosted by Mark Mitford, managing director of HR Catalyst Consulting, the aim is to help them solve HR issues. As he so sagely says, “Most people are not born a great leader. They have to grow into it with time, effort, development, and training.” 

We’ve chosen a podcast from HR Catalyst that looks at how to build company culture. After all, if you have a great culture, you’ll have a solid foundation for success.

#14 All Hands

All Hands is a podcast that is empowered by the people management platform Lattice. This internal comms podcast host is Katelin Holloway who engages with founders, CEOs, and a wide range of people in the business world. All of them are top decision-makers who have opinions that matter that they are willing to share. 

Knowing what a challenge burnout is, we opted to share Battling Burnout and Overwork Culture. 

#15 Ways to Change the Workplace

Ways to Change the Workplace is a podcast hosted by Prina Shah, a global coach and consultant who would like the workplace to be “a good place to be!” Wouldn’t we all? 

The sample podcast we singled out is Poor Work Cultures and Trauma Bonding With Your Colleagues, which focuses on ways to transform into a positive workplace. She stresses that while a positive work culture can foster a sense of belonging and support, a toxic work environment can just as easily lead to trauma bonding among colleagues. It’s a very real challenge. 

#16 The HR L&D Podcast

Developed by the Recruitment Group, this internal comms podcast focuses on leadership,  employee engagement, inclusion, the development of company culture, and wellbeing. They aim to provide actionable advice, best practices, and guidance to help HR and other professionals optimize their workforces and improve company performance. 

We’ve opted for a podcast that looks at innovating for diversity. 

#17 Rebel Human Resources Podcast

This podcast is promoted as providing “innovative HR content on-demand without the fluff.” That’s a great idea. Kyle Roed is “The Rebel HR Guy” and he engages with business leaders about human resources in our ever-changing, dynamic world, aiming to provide innovative and thought-provoking information on a variety of HR topics.

Unlocking Your Workforce’s Hidden Potential with Retention Exert is the topic we found intriguing. 

#18 Culture Clinic

The idea behind these internal communications podcasts was to help HR leaders “create recognition programs that engage employees from head office to the frontline.” 

We were intrigued, and chose a podcast, Creating an Employee Listening Strategy. After all, we know that ​​implementing a strategy that encourages employees to listen can be hugely advantageous. It can help you understand what employees want, what they need, and what their challenges are. If you follow their prompts, you’ll find out what you can do better.

#19 Relationships at Work

Does it really matter if you form relationships at work? This internal communications podcast is designed to answer this all-important question. 

We pondered on the question and opted for a podcast, Fixing Miscommunication and Misunderstanding the Workplace. 

#20 Champion Your Culture

This is a weekly live show that explores the power of culture and leadership in business. The hosts are Ryan McCarty and George Rogers who talk to experts, aiming to discover insights and methods to increase team engagement and empowerment at work. 

We scanned through their podcast offerings and settled on, SAY WHAT? Top 10 Things Your Employees Want to Say But Won’t. If you’re wondering what your employees are thinking and are afraid to say, these guys might have your answer. 

#21 CA Short podcast

The ALL-IN Employee Podcast provides the necessary information to help organizations recruit, support, and sustain employees using best business practices. Have a look at the advice they give to best share the holiday season. 

#22 Workplace Matters

The Workplace Matters podcast is provided by the Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest. Their focus is on total worker health and the safety and health programs that organizations need to integrate into their systems. 

Sticking to their mission, we chose a podcast, Retention Through Recovery Friendly Workplaces that discusses how recovery-friendly workplaces can retain employees with substance use disorders (SUDs). 

#23 XpertHR

XpertHR is a well-established business that has been providing HR solutions for decades. Their aim is to offer expert perspectives and tangible tools that empower organizations to enhance efficiency, mitigate risks, and boost employee engagement.

This podcast explores the power of mindfulness for building employee engagement and team collaboration.

#24 Accelerate Your Performance

This is a student education platform that focuses on “tactical actions to improve workplace culture.” Their podcasts are fascinating. We chose a thought-provoking episode that focuses on building trust to strengthen culture. 

Specific questions that this podcast addresses include:

  • How collaboration positively influences executive decision-making processes
  • How instilling a sense of pride and ownership within a team creates a culture where employees are assertive and empowered

#25 Aurora Training Advantage

Aurora is a well-established training business that is committed to customers. But their podcasts are more varied and we chose this one: Boosting Employee Engagement and Connection: Keys to Retention and Productivity. There are a bunch of related episodes you may want to listen to.  

#26 ProjectHR

ProjectHR is aimed at HR professionals who want to get ahead and stay there. Their host, Jennifer Orechwa posts every week.

We chose Jennifer’s Best Practices in Employee Relations – Ulta Beauty. This company is a major beauty retailer in the U.S. that has won many awards. The story you will learn is why the company has exceeded expectations while other retail businesses have struggled. It’s an interesting scenario.  

#27 Happiness at Work Podcast

Aiming at a non-fluff approach, this podcast makes happiness a priority. After all, there’s a simple idea that happier employees drive better results. But, as these guys point out, it’s not that simple. 

“Happiness means different things to each of us. After doing extensive research, Management 3.0 founder Jurgen Appelo discovered a common thread: Happiness is something we create. It is not something to achieve. It is a path you choose, not a destination to arrive at.”

Happiness at Work

Fascinated? We were too. This podcast, Prioritizing People in the Age of AI is telling. 

#28 Guts + Science

Gut+Science is a dynamic podcast that combines a focus on storytelling and delivers leadership insights through both an emotional and analytical perspective.

They chose to connect with Cerkl found and CEO Tarek Kamil who is passionate about using AI and big data to transform how organizations communicate, engage, and understand their audiences. Listen to this episode, The Keys to Scaling Employee Engagement with Tarek Kamil. It breaks down the challenges of scaling engagement and shows vividly how empathy is more important than ever in connecting with team members on a meaningful level. 

#29 Worklife

A hugely popular podcast, Work Life is the “home” of organizational psychologist Adam Grant. He calls himself “The Porsche of podcasts,” revealing some really unusual work environments where he maintains employers have “figured out how to make work not suck.” 

You decide for yourself by watching Why Meetings Suck and How to Fix Them. 

#30 My HR Future

This podcast from My HR Future, presented by David Green, talks to senior HR leaders pushing data-driven and digital HR agendas. There are lots to choose from, but we opted for How People Analytics Shapes Decision-Making in Modern HR, which is an interview with Nick Dalton who worked at Unilever in HR. He is also the author of a groundbreaking book, The HR (R)Evolution: Change the Workplace, Change the World.

# 31 DriveThruHR

Promoted as “a captivating, easy-to-digest, and occasionally irreverent discourse,” DriveThruHR looks at topics that are relevant to HR professionals. Topics are varied and interesting. Our choice is Elevating the Employee Experience and Internal Comms. It illustrates how an internal comms podcast could help your business. 

#32 Outback Talks

These internal communications podcasts are designed to provide in-depth insights from a wide range of experts relating to employee engagement. They range from HR strategies and leadership tips to all kinds of team and corporate training. 

There’s lots to choose from, but we opted for a conversation about change management consulting.

#33 HR Sound Off

A well-established podcast, HR Sound Off focuses on HR topics and trends. Topics range from hot-button topics and best practices to HR trends. 

For something different, we opted for this podcast about talent development and workplace performance improvement. If you’re watching AI and want more insight into how others feel, this is a podcast you should listen to. It’s a fascinating journey many of us are embarking upon. 

#34 Humans of HR

The Humans of HR podcast is all about HR and the future of work. Those behind the podcast pride themselves on being “real people, having real conversations about real topics.”

One aspect that we don’t often consider is how today’s workforce encompasses five distinct generations simultaneously. It’s really crazy. You could even be working alongside great-parents! So, we chose this podcast as a good example of what Humans of HR has to offer: The Future of Our Multigenerational Workforce NOW of Work.  

#35 The Remote Show

The Remote Show is traditional in many ways, though not necessarily for podcasts. Its approach is traditional in as much as it presents an interview style that many people are used to and accept more readily. Here’s a link to the podcast we chose. 

#36 Let’s Talk CEX

When they say let’s talk about CEX, these guys are inviting us to explore their internal comms podcast that focuses on the customer and employee experience. Maxine Shapiro is the host, and she is interested in the full range of industry sectors including retail, hospitality, and B2B. 

We opted to share No Cat was Killed here. Aren’t you Curious? Because, yes, we were! The fascinating thing is that Maxine was intrigued by the tie between curiosity and anxiety. 

“The way in which you explore is, is going to determine how comfortable you are from leaving what you know, and also the degree in which you do that.”

Maxine Shapiro

#37 HR Grapevine

This is another podcast that focuses on the all-important employee experience. But host, David Liddle also embraces the full spectrum of topics that relate to HR. The podcast we suggest you start off with is all about conflict resolution. As Liddle says, employees expect very different things from employers, which is why meaningful communications are so important.  

#38 Get Reworked Podcast

Reworked is yet another podcast that focuses on the employee experience. They define the concept in a simple thumbprint statement. “Support your employees to do their best work and they will support your business in turn.” 

If you’re not sure, have a look at Ann Marr’s Creating Award-Winning Employee Experiences podcast. 

#39 Workplace Innovator Podcast

The Workplace Innovator Podcast by Eptura strives to offer exceptional advice from the full spectrum of workplace management experts. We scanned through some of their offerings and opted to share this podcast that talks about unifying workplace functions. The idea is to empower workplace professionals globally. Have a listen. 

#40 Candid Comms

Rachel Miller’s Candid Comms shares weekly internal communications podcasts, to connect to internal communication professionals. Here’s a link to one of her podcasts, How to improve your internal communication channels. 

What’s Next?

How effective is your internal communications strategy? With or without podcasts, is it working? The Cerkl Broadcast audience management platform is designed to ensure that you keep employees engaged and informed. To learn more, access our communications audit now. 


What is an internal communications podcast?

Internal communications podcasts are digital audio series created for and distributed within a specific organization. They aim to facilitate effective communication and engagement among its members.

How to do an internal podcast?

To create an internal podcast, start by defining clear objectives, identifying key topics, and selecting engaging hosts. Then focus on accessible platforms within the organization for distribution, fostering a sense of community and information sharing.

What companies have internal podcasts?

Companies such as Spotify, Shopify, and Microsoft have embraced internal podcasts as a means to enhance internal communication, share updates, and promote a more connected and informed workforce.

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