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Every internal comms team is unique - so are their support needs. We partner with our users to provide valuable training, features, and answers to ensure your success.

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Chatbot and phone support available


Monthly webinars for updates and continuous learning


Help Desk articles and customer resources

Who’s on your team?


Implementation Project Manager

From day one, we’ll collaborate with your team to organize, plan, socialize and execute your Cerkl implementation. Your manager is there to help provide best practices and suggestions along the way.

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Dedicated Account Managers

Set engagement goals and metrics to meet with a quarterly follow up, have live training sessions, and screen recorded guides. Your Account Manager takes your feedback and issues seriously, and always responds in a timely manner.

Business Solutions Architect

Cascading communications, corporate structures, and workflows are never the same. That’s why we connect you with an internal comms professional to develop and discuss successful solutions for your department.

Integration Engineers

Your IT leads can outline, communicate, and develop alongside our engineers to meet all of your business logic needs. If need be, we can do the work to connect and test your integrations.

What makes
us different:

It’s more than a name – we design custom implementation plans for our partners with their organization’s success, top of mind throughout. Our team is committed to tackling implementation, integrations, and any other questions that come our way.

What happens when I switch to Cerkl?

Get a sneak peek at what our Launch Process looks like.

Work together with Customer Success team to determine your organization's business needs.
Work with your IT team to reach your optimal solution, we'll ensure they have everything they need.
Build your integration; our engineers are ready to lend a hand.
Test the solution and verify that all the business needs have been met.
Turn on your integration and allow it to perform automated, secure syncing of your information.

Customer Resources

Inner Cerkl News

Our exclusive partner newsletter gives you access to industry trends, webinars, events, and updates.

Help Desk

Updated and searchable advice, answers, and updates from our Cerkl Success team.

Inner Cerkl Network

A private LinkedIn network for our internal communications partners to discuss their best practices.

Developer Resources

Your tech team has full access to our REST-based API documentation and setup instructions.

Status Page

Stay updated with any known issues or updates of our services. Always be in the know.
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With our average response time at 2 minutes, we’re always here to listen and make your job easier.
ATB Financial

Cerkl’s Customer Success team is quick to respond and always takes the extra effort and time to resolve issues which helps us feel more confident with the platform.

ATB Financial
Rick Rosario