Cerkl Broadcast
Cerkl Broadcast

You get more than tech support

Along with your dedicated account manager, the customer success team partners with you to create a unique roadmap with measureable success.

Phone and chat support available

Minutes average chat response time (!)

Help desk articles and customer resources

You all have on idea how much better [Cerkl’s] support is than our old provider… I love the chat feature.


Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

We help build and broadcast your IC plan

Build your roadmap

We get to know your team and your organization to create a custom timeline and checklist. Your Implementation Project Manager will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Integrate with existing solutions

All platforms can be integrated easily with Broadcast using our “no code” HRIS and payroll integration option.

Reduce dependency on IT and transform your current distribution lists into dynamic segments to reach your whole organization.

No more dependency on IT.

Team training and pilots

We provide ongoing training to your communication team and other stakeholders. Also, if required, we can provide pilots to ensure compatibility with your requirements.

Success doesn’t stop there

Get free, unlimited, access to Inner Cerkl, our community of internal communicators that support each other and share resources and best practices.

Customer Resources

Inner Cerkl News

InnerCerkl News

Receive our exclusive partner newsletter with new webinars, events and updates.


No questions are left unanswered – search through our updated guides and best practices.

InnerCerkl Network

A private Linked network for our internal comms partners to discuss their best practices.

Developer needs

Full access to our REST-based API documentation and setup instructions.

Status page

Stay updated with any known issues or updates of our services. Always be in the know.


With our average response time at 3 minutes, we’re here to make your job easier.

What can Cerkl Broadcast do for you?