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What Is Cerkl?

At Cerkl (pronounced "Circle") we have a single mission: to scale long-term, sustainable engagement. Cerkl automatically creates personalized communication for each member of your audience based on their interests and delivers it on their schedule. Through our automated personalization technology, Cerkl learns about your audience through every interaction, ensuring they see the content they care about and then providing that information back to you. Cerkl takes out the guesswork and best of all, it works with your existing content management systems. Ready to REALLY engage your audience?.

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How It Works

Cerkl closes the loop between marketing, community/alumni relations and development. Here's how we do it...

1 Connect Your Content

Just tell Cerkl where your digital content lives (websites, blogs, social media, iModules, YouTube, etc.).

2 Grab and Tag

As Cerkl grabs content, our patent-pending Smart Tagging technology tags the content based on the interests of your audience.

3 Personalize

Cerkl creates personalized email communication based on each person's interests, schedule, format and even preferred language. It looks beautiful on every device too.

4 Listen

Cerkl continues to learn about your audience through each interaction, constantly refining their content based on their ever-changing interests.

5 Engagement Score

Our engagement analytics help marketing know which content is really resonating and lets alumni/community relations know what events and outreach to plan.

6 Discovery

Cerkl feeds the learned interests of your audience into your CRM (Salesforce, Raiser's Edge, Blackbaud, etc.), providing valuable insights for the stewardship of donors.

Now, can your email marketing platform do that?!?


What's Inside?

Yes, Cerkl will supercharge your engagement but it doesn't hurt that we save you time and money.

Cerkl Wizard

Our wizard makes getting up and running a snap. Imagine - you're only 30 minutes (or less) from delivering interest-based, personalized communication!

Cerkl grabs content from any content source

Point Cerkl to your existing content and/or use our built-in content management system to post stories/opportunities/events. Either way, no IT required :)

Cerkl personalized email

Cerkl creates a curated, responsive newsletter for each person in your audience based on their interests all delivered from you, with your branding.

Cerkl engagement analytics

Quantifiable engagement metrics? Yes! Know how your organization is doing. Know what resonates with your audience.

Search your audience

In addition to amazing audience and content insights, you can also search your audience by their current interests.

Cerkl API

Use our API to pull everything we learn about your audience into any CRM (Salesforce, Advance, Raiser's Edge, etc.).

Cerkl is for everyone

Who Should Use Cerkl?

Want to ensure your audience sees your content? Tired of guessing what will engage them?Fearing your audience will click unsubscribe? If so, Cerkl is for you.

Just imagine - increasing your open rates by 2, 3 or 4X. Imagine your audience excited to hear from you. Imagine your audience giving without you asking.


So...How Much?

Whether you have a small (but growing) audience or a large audience, our automated personalization technology can help you engage your audience like never before. Join us for a demo and we'd be happy to discuss how we do it, pricing and any other questions you may have.

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