Cerkl Broadcast
Cerkl Broadcast

Successful M&As have great comms in common

Get the right communications infrastructure for a fully-integrated workforce from day one.

Acquisition Communications Platform
Acquisition Communications Platform
Acquisition Communications Platform

Less than 20% of M&As succeed.

Cerkl Broadcast helps you beat the odds.

Acquisition Communications Platform

When cultures clash, nobody wins

  • Meet employees where they are and give your new culture the momentum it needs
  • Use dynamic segments in Cerkl Broadcast to deliver the right message to the right people
Acquisition Communications Platform

Onboarding that's always on point

  • Better internal comms foster an atmosphere of accountability, clarity, and teamwork
  • Communicate policies across channels to ensure organization-wide compliance
Acquisition Communications Platform

Grow retention, lower transition loss

  • Get buy-in and engagement from key stakeholders to enable a smoother transition
  • Clearly communicate strategy and objectives to create alignment from the top down.

The engine that drives successful M&As.

Meet MyNews.


More capabilities for a more capable M&A.

MyNews is the central hub of Cerkl Broadcast, and your greatest internal comms asset.

More features designed to help you achieve your company goals

Audience Manager
Audience Manager
selecting the target audience for a company email update by segment and interests

Create custom segments to deliver relevant comms to all departments and teams. At scale.

Acquisition Communications Platform
Content Hub
Content Hub
selecting the target audience for a company email update by segment and interests

Distribute, sequence, schedule, and automate—all in one place.

Acquisition Communications Platform
Email Blasts
Email Blasts
selecting the target audience for a company email update by segment and interests

The backbone of internal comms, managed seamlessly

Acquisition Communications Platform
Analytics & Insights
Analytics & Insights
selecting the target audience for a company email update by segment and interests

Optimize your communications and take your team to the next level.

Acquisition Communications Platform

Departments that play a critical role in M&A include:

Acquisition Communications Platform

How can you reach new employees from day one?

Gain the reach you need to form connections with your new organization and engage immediatly. 

Acquisition Communications Platform

Do you track engagement to work strategically?

Engagement levels indicate who’s may leave within 90 days. Who would you preempt from leaving if you knew?

Acquisition Communications Platform

Which areas of your company are sub-par?

With engagement correlating with productivity and bottom line performance – who’s at risk? See it all, in real time.

Acquisition Communications Platform

Which frontline and site managers are effective?

With complete reach into your entire workforce, you can see what cohorts are engaged, compliant and productive.

Acquisition Communications Platform

Can you afford not knowing who's losing interest?

With engagement rates being a predictive indicator of employee departures, can you afford being blindsided by a sudden change?

Solutions tailored to the demands of your industry

Healthcare communication was hard. We’ve changed that.

Broadcast is a full suite built to solve the biggest issues faced by healthcare internal communicators.

Advanced tech designed for people in tech

Low employee engagement is expensive. Reach your workforce with internal communications that are worth their time—using Cerkl Broadcast.

Reach every facet of your business with just one platform

From R&D to the supply chain and beyond, keep your employees engaged with seamless internal communications.

To rally your people, it takes a powerful platform

Increase engagement across teams with Broadcast. Your customers are proven to notice the difference.

Efficient internal comms for institutions of any size

Don’t let size or scale get in the way of effective communication. Reach your whole network with Broadcast.

Clearer communication enables seamless coordination

With so many moving parts, efficient communication is essential. Broadcast makes it happen.

Communicate your message. Cultivate your culture.

Increase engagement from the corporate office to brick & mortar with Broadcast. Your customers are proven to notice the difference.

Internal comms with the speed and precision you’re looking for

Reach your entire workforce across one location—or many—with a platform made to scale with your business.

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Acquisition Communications Platform

Implementation is easy.
No code. No maintenance.

Reliable Email Deliverability at Scale

Privacy and Data Compliance

Real-time Reporting

AI Driven Engagement

Predictive analytics

People Data Operation and Visibility

On Demand Communications

Personalized News Feed

Multiple Integration Paths


Enterprise level security & Privacy

Internal and External Communications


Channel Agnostic Content

Ready to See Acquisition Communications Platform in Action?