Cerkl Broadcast
Cerkl Broadcast

Everything you need.
And everything you want.


Transparent Pricing

Access all Broadcast capabilities from day 1, so you can manage internal comms your way.

To get pricing and see which Broadcast plan is right for you, contact our sales team for a no-pressure conversation about your needs.

Both plans include:


Unlimited users and templates


Enterprise-level security


Dedicated support team

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what plan is right for my organization?

In our first conversation, we’ll talk about your organization’s specific communication and engagement goals. We’ll then suggest a Broadcast plan that will meet your current needs. We believe in introducing change over time as not to overwhelm you or your employees.

What's one thing your customers would say about your pricing philosophy?

We can’t wait for you to ask them for yourself! In the meantime, we think they would tell you that Cerkl thinks about pricing very differently. We started with a simple question, “If we were you, how would we want to be treated?” That led to our transparent pricing model. We’ll go through it with you on our very first call.

What do you mean by transparent pricing?
Broadcast pricing is based on the plan you select and the size of your audience – that’s it. Unlimited admins, unlimited emails, unlimited templates, etc.. This isn’t your cell phone bill that changes mysteriously. No surprises, no nickel-and-diming.
What about feature enhancement?
Included. If it’s already in your plan and we make it better, you will not be charged a penny more.
If we need to upgrade, how long does that take?
Upgrading plans is easy. Just contact your customer success Account Manager and they can make the change for you in minutes.
What about custom plans?
No problem. We get it – not everything is black and white. In our first conversation with you, we want to learn about your organization’s specific communication and engagement goals and we can help you think which parts of the Broadcast Suite will help you achieve those goals.
Is it really a no-pressure conversation with sales?
It really is! We’ll spend time getting to know you and your business then take you through the Broadcast Suite, how it works and how other companies are using it. If it makes sense for you, great, let’s continue the conversation. If not, you won’t hear from us again. We promise!