Cerkl Broadcast
Cerkl Broadcast

It’s time to give IT its bandwidth back

Cerkl Broadcast reduces the burden on your department so you can focus on what matters to your team.

Communication IT Department

A simplified approach helps everyone. Not just IT.

Communication IT Department

Distribution lists made simple

  • Import distribution lists seamlessly
  • No code people data syncing
Communication IT Department

No more relying on IT for analytics

  • Custom communication dashboards 
  • Cross-channel metrics in one place
Communication IT Department

Use your bandwidth more efficiently

  • Improve deliverability. Reduce maintenance.
  • Get data on open rates, clickthroughs, and more

Solutions for IT departments


Powered by the MyNews Engine.

Meet the central hub of the Cerkl Broadcast platform. MyNews offers communicators a full suite of features designed for maximum reach, engagement, and personalization.

Communication IT Department

Mergers & Acquisitions

Start your next era right with clear communication from Day 1. Our no code platform makes system integrations seamless and Broadcast solves data issues instantly. Without IT.

Change Management

Make one of the toughest parts of doing business a little easier. Create dynamic segments and personalize email communications to help employees stay up to date and empowered.


Reach onsite and remote workers with perfect precision. The Cerkl Broadcast mobile app with personalized news feeds serves employees relevant content no matter where they are.


Secure communications for your entire network. The Broadcast mobile app provides Enterprise-level security and privacy for internal comms. No company email address required.

Solutions across every department

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion DEI

Communicate your vision for the future and build consensus on new policies. Dynamic segments and Cerkl Broadcast’s campaign feature make sure no one is left behind.

Employee Retention

Engaged employees are more productive employees. Track engagement over time and use predictive analytics to determine who may be at risk of leaving up to 90 days in advance.

HR Benefits

Employee data you need, at your fingertips. Communicate policies and programs to the right people while protecting their privacy with best-in-class data availability and visibility.


Give employees the information they need to implement company policies. With organization wide delivery and read acknowledgments, Broadcast ensures compliance at any scale.


When your staff has the information they need, they get more done. Use Broadcast’s audience manager to create dynamic segments so employees only see relevant communications.

How MyNews puts you in control of your internal comms

New York Operations and Chicago Operations distribution lists are being compared by levels of engagement

Real time analytics and insights

Communication IT Department

Import distribution lists, replace with dynamic segments

Communication IT Department

Solutions for every comms structure

Communication IT Department

Implementation is easy.
No code. No maintenance.

Reliable Email Deliverability at Scale

Privacy and Data Compliance

Real-time Reporting

AI Driven Engagement

Predictive analytics

People Data Operation and Visibility

On Demand Communications

Personalized News Feed

Multiple Integration Paths


Enterprise level security & Privacy

Internal and External Communications


Channel Agnostic Content

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