Cerkl Broadcast
Cerkl Broadcast

Internal communications that IT dreams about

[Broadcast is] …one of the most secure platforms we’re ever seen.IT Department, ProAmPac

No-code. No maintenance.
One time implementation.

It couldn’t be easier.

Depending on your integration choice, IT teams can quickly and easily transfer all of the operational requirements an Internal Communicator needs to get started.

Reliable & Scalable

99.9% uptime with a micro-services architecture built on the Google App Engine, making use of Docker conatinerization and allowing for infinite scalability based on resource demands.


Broadcast never reaches into your network of systems and works only with the people data you choose to provide.


Broadcast uses AI through multiple machine-learning models and neural networks to deliver real-time, predictive analytics.


All information is encrypted both at rest and in transit using AES-256 encryption methods; enterprise-grade SSO capabilities and any SAML based identity provider. 

Identity Protection

Email send from a dedicated IP for your organization with sender authentication using a few simple DNS records.

Fully Compliant

SOC2 type 2, GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM are all supported.


For your HRIS and Payroll system integrations, no code is required for a one way sync into the Broadcast system.

Field mapping can be done using an intuitive user interface. Data consistency problems are reported by the system, and the user is given a choice what data source to prefer using forward.

Integrate with existing solutions

We get to know how your team and organization operate to create a Broadcast custom implementation checklist and timeline. Your Implementation Project Manager is here to guide you every step of the way.

Broadcast platform capabilities for IT teams, when supporting internal communications

What can Broadcast do for you?