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Can Internal Communicators Track Email Opens in Gmail?

Gmail’s tracking features are limited, lacking integrated email analytics.

  • Gmail lacks a native analytics tool, leading to discussions about workarounds for tracking employee email opens.
  • For serious email analysis and tracking, it’s time to consider a change.

Discover the comprehensive tracking and analytics of Cerkl Broadcast as an alternative solution.

track email opens gmail

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How to Analyze Gmail Email Data

Gmail is an email client with basic email functionality. You can send, receive, organize, and search for emails with Gmail. You can access Gmail through a web browser, mobile app, desktop application, and other email clients using POP3 or IMAP protocols.

Gmail has a major analytics gap

When you want to know exactly how to track employee email opens in Gmail, it can be complicated.

Google’s Gmail has a major analytics gap that highlights the need for more in-depth analytics that Gmail doesn’t offer.

gmail analytics gap
Track Employee Email Opens Gmail

Integrate the right tool with Gmail to track analytics

When you’re searching for ways to track email opens and other metrics in Gmail, like click-through rates (CTRs) and response times, there are several solutions.

It is important, though, to ensure that whatever you choose will integrate seamlessly with Gmail.

What are your options?

Track Employee Email Opens Gmail

Chrome extensions

Designed for tracking key
email metrics including open rates, click-through rates, and response times. They make it easier for users to gauge the effectiveness of their email communications.

Unfortunately, functionality is limited and there are some privacy and security concerns.

Track Employee Email Opens Gmail

Internal comms platforms

Internal communication platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Workplace by Meta offer basic analytics like message views and reactions.

These platforms are designed for internal communication and prioritize transparency and user consent. They are generally well suited to mass communication.

Track Employee Email Opens Gmail

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools designed for targeted or personalized campaigns.

Typical options include Constant Contact and Mailchimp, which require subscription fees and aren’t designed for general internal communication.

Broadcast vs Gmail

Feature Gmail Broadcast
Primary Function Personal email services Mass email communication platform
Target audience Individual users Groups, departments, and entire companies
Email creation Standard text editor with rich formatting Drag-and-drop builder with pre-designed templates
Personalization Limited merge field Dynamic content customization based on recipient HRIS data
Engagement features Polls and surveys Polls, surveys, quizzes, and embedded videos
Analytics Basic open and click-through rates Detailed reporting on opens, clicks, engagement, and maps that show engagement
Integrations Google services CRM, HRIS, LMS, Payroll, and other business tools
Cost Free (with ads) + paid premium versions Paid subscription
Security Google’s security infrastructure SOC 2 Type II compliance and additional security features


Track Employee Email Opens Gmail
Broadcast email blasts are tested on several different email clients and devices. Emails can be previewed, saved, and scheduled without logging in to send.

How to Track Employee Email Opens Using

Cerkl Broadcast

Overall Campaign Performance

Broadcast shows the overall percentage of recipients who opened your email, offering a broad perspective on campaign reach and audience interest.

Click-through rates allow you to track the percentage of recipients who clicked on specific links within your email, providing insights into content engagement and user interest in individual topics.

Track Employee Email Opens Gmail
Track Employee Email Opens Gmail

Vital Engagement Scores

  • Internal communicators require insights into email content engagement to optimize future designs.
  • Broadcast calculates recipient engagement scores using open rates, clicks, and other interactions.
  • These scores identify segments with differing engagement levels, facilitating targeted follow-up communication.

Feedback Mechanisms

  • Broadcast allows embedding surveys or polls directly within emails for immediate feedback from recipients.
  • This gathers quantitative data on employee understanding and sentiment towards communication.
  • Quick insights help gauge employee feelings and the effectiveness of engagement efforts.
Track Employee Email Opens Gmail

Benefits of Cerkl Broadcast

Tailored for internal comms

Broadcast is an employee communication platform designed to help organizations effectively inform and engage their workforce. It goes beyond basic email functionalities.

No individual tracking

Broadcast doesn’t track individual email opens for privacy reasons.

Versatile comms platform

Organizations of all types and sizes can use Broadcast. It offers robust features to help you understand recipient engagement with your internal communication efforts.

Analytics and tracking

Broadcast’s real-time analytics and tracking tools allow communicators to measure message impact. This enhances the planning process with data-driven insights for adapting and improving communication strategies.


Internal communicators can ask readers to acknowledge receipt of emails, which Broadcast then reports on in analytics.

Track campaign performance

Broadcast will enable you to determine overall campaign performance and engagement scores. It also enables testing and reporting that provides metrics including not just opens, but also clicks, engagement scores and more.

What can Cerkl Broadcast do for you?