Integrations and Single Sign-On

We don’t want to add another platform for you to manage. Broadcast connects your existing tech stack.

Broadcast works beautifully with your existing channels and people data to create a unified communicator and employee experience.

Employee info managers

Sync your current systems of record for flexible audience management solutions.

Single Sign-On

All of your content sits safely behind your existing Single Sign-On solution, providing you with peace of mind and your employees with no additional hoops to jump through.

Automated content distribution

Publish content once on your existing content management systems to all of your connected channels.

Collaboration channels

Maximize your most trafficked employee channels with an intelligent notification hub for each employee. Simply add the Broadcast for Microsoft Teams app to your Microsoft instance.

Integration support

Our Integration Engineers connect with your tech team early on to help meet all of the security and business logic needs. We have the resources to get your team building.

Cerkl Customer Success