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Best Practices for Your Hospital Employee Newsletter

We've sifted through 4.5 million data points of our clients’ content and measurements to share their best practices for their hospital newsletter.
Written by: Cerkl
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Published: January 28, 2020
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Modernize Your Healthcare Communications

Communications in healthcare are time-sensitive and complex. Getting communications to the right audience at the right time is crucial. Upgrade your healthcare communications with our comprehensive white paper.

With over ten years of internal communications experience, I know how valuable sustained engagement for your hospital employee newsletter is to your organization. But, time and time again, you find yourself relying on historical data or guesswork to fill the data gaps needed to make informed decisions on how to best engage your employees.

Sometimes you don’t feel like you have access to the right tools or that you haven’t been provided the info you need to show your department’s value. So, our analysts at Cerkl decided to lend a hand by providing you with proven and successful content topics, statistics, and audits based on the personalized newsletter engagement data compiled from our health system clients.

They sifted through 4.5 million data points to examine our clients’ content, categorization, open rate, and click-thru rate to see what interests resonate the best with their varied healthcare audience.

I genuinely hope that this white paper enables you to prove the value of your department and create engaging content for your hospital newsletter.

A sneak peek of what you’ll learn:
  • Calculate the impact of corporate comms
  • Manage your employees’ information overload
  • Write about your employees’ engaging topics
  • Audit your corporate comms platforms
  • Know the best times to send your newsletters

What’s Next?

Want all of this and more in just one resource? Download it now.

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