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Blast Email Retargeting Feature Release – Cerkl Broadcast

Improve your email CTR with Cerkl Broadcast's latest feature – Blast Email Retargeting! Empowers communicators to strategically optimize engagement levels.
Written by: Nico Black
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Published: November 27, 2023
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In the modern workplace, inboxes can quickly get cluttered, and important emails are commonly missed because of day-to-day office commitments and distractions. Whether it’s due to large email volume, lack of interest, or even an accidental delete, it is easy for important messages to miss their audience. This can be especially harmful to organizations in an industry with strict compliance regulations. The stakes are higher for employee communications in these industries. To help organizations get important information to employees who missed the first email, we introduced blast email retargeting. 

Our newest enhancement to Broadcast enables communicators to retarget Blasts to the part of the organization that did not adequately engage with the email. You can create the retarget audience based on opens or clicks, depending on the level of engagement required by your communications. When deployed strategically, the benefits of email retargeting can be immense.

According to a study by WoodPecker, sending a follow-up email increases the chance of getting an action from 9% to 13%. The first follow-up email is usually the best, with a reply rate about 40% higher than the first email. Blast retargeting takes all the heavy lifting out of sending that follow-up, greatly increasing engagement with your communication. 

Benefits of Blast Retargeting

Giving your audience a second chance to interact with communications can impact the success of your communications greatly:

  • Increase Awareness: Sometimes, employees may miss important emails due to the sheer volume of messages in their inboxes. Retargeting these emails gives you a second chance to bring the content to their attention.
  • Drive Action: Retargeting can function as a gentle nudge for employees to take a specific action. Whether it’s completing a task, attending a meeting, or responding to a request, retargeting helps.
  • Feedback Collection: If your initial email contained a survey, retargeting serves as a reminder for employees to respond. This can be especially important for decision-making, process improvements, and gauging employee satisfaction.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: By tracking who opens retargeted emails and who doesn’t, you can gather valuable data on employee engagement and preferences. This data can help you refine your communication strategies and create more effective messages in the future.
  • Compliance and Accountability: In organizations where certain communications are crucial for compliance or accountability purposes, retargeting ensures that employees have had multiple opportunities to receive and acknowledge important information. This can be essential in industries with strict regulatory requirements.

These are some key use cases for Blast Retargets, but the benefits do not have to stop there. You can learn more about to use how blast email retargeting at your organization here.

Specifics of Cerkl Broadcast’s Email Retargeting

You cannot use the retarget capability until sending the Blast, then you have a 180-day period to schedule a retarget. Once you have elected to retarget an e-blast, the segment of users responds dynamically until the selected date of retargeting. So long as an employee engages with the email prior to the email retargeting date, they will be removed from the target audience and won’t be sent the email again. 

Sending Info

In this section, you can manage the features of the email itself and the details of the blast email retargeting.
Blast Name: By default, this field pulls in the name of the original Blast and adds the word “Retarget” for easy reference. However, you can change the new Blast name.

Subject Line: By default, this field pulls in the subject line of the original Blast. You can change the new Blast subject line. Additionally, you can use personalization fields by clicking the user icon.

Date: Use the calendar picker to select the date that for this retargeted Blast to send. Blasts cannot be retargeted more than 180 days after the original Blast was sent. The calendar will limit selection to within that 180-day time frame.

Time: Use the hour and minute drop-downs to select the time of day for this retargeted Blast to send automatically. The timezone depends on your computer’s current timezone, and is denoted below the drop-down fields.

schedule retargeted blast

Projected Audience

In this section, you can choose your retargeted Blast’s audience. This is based on those in the original audience who did not perform a specific action. The engagement levels you can select from include opened, clicked, and opened or clicked.

Opened: Recipients who have not opened the original Blast.

Clicked: Recipients who have not clicked on any links in the original Blast.

Opened or Clicked: Recipients who have not opened a Blast or clicked within it.

retarget email blast

Email Retargeting Campaigns

These are added to the retargeted Blast based on which campaigns are attached to the original Blast. You can modify them after scheduling the retarget with the Ellipsis menu “Manage Campaigns” option.

email retargeting

Analytics and Insights

A retargeted blast has its set of metrics available separately. To find them, click the name of the Blast in your Blasts > Sent list or in Insights > Blasts > Metrics. These metrics are great for finding out if additional action is required by your communications team to ensure information is received or action is taken by the audience. 

email analytics and insights

Utilizing the Power of Email Retargeting

In the dynamic landscape of the modern workplace, ensuring that vital communications reach the intended audience is paramount. Recognizing the need for a solution, we proudly introduce Blast email retargeting as a game-changing enhancement to Cerkl Broadcast. This feature empowers communicators to strategically retarget messages to specific segments of the organization that may have missed or insufficiently engaged with the initial email.

The benefits of this innovative approach are manifold. From increasing awareness and driving action to facilitating feedback collection and enabling data-driven decision-making. Notably, in industries bound by stringent compliance requirements, email retargeting becomes a crucial tool for ensuring compliance and accountability. 

Cerkl Broadcast’s email retargeting, with its user-friendly interface and customizable options, opens up a realm of possibilities for communicators to refine their strategies and enhance engagement. As organizations navigate the intricacies of the digital workplace, Blast email retargeting emerges as a valuable ally, offering a second chance for critical information to resonate with every member of your team. The era of missed emails is over, replaced by a proactive and data-driven approach to communication that resonates with the diverse needs of today’s workforce. 

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