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Time & Behavior Can Predict Employee Retention

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person holds 11.7 jobs from age 18 to age 48.

Each year, one-fifth of workers voluntarily leave their job and an additional one-sixth are fired or laid off.

Finding and hiring new employees isn’t just a hassle, it takes a big financial toll on your organization. On average, turnover costs 21.4% of an employee’s salary.

So why do people leave their jobs? According to “Harvard Business Review,” many factors lead to employees re-examining their place and progress in an organization. Some triggers include milestones like birthdays, class reunions & work anniversaries.

With such a high-cost problem, relying on intuition isn’t good enough.

A Utah State Study revealed a list of disengagement behaviors that preceded an employee’s departure.

  • They offered fewer constructive contributions in meetings.
  • They were more reluctant to commit to long-term projects.
  • They become more reserved and quiet.
  • They became less interested in advancing in the organization.
  • They were less interested in pleasing their boss than before.
  • They avoided social interactions with their boss and other members of management.
  • They suggested fewer new ideas or innovative approaches.
  • They began doing the minimum amount of work needed and no longer went beyond the call of duty.
  • They were less interested in participating in training and development programs.
  • Their work productivity went down.

The study’s author, Tim Gardner, said if employees were demonstrating at least six of these behaviors, his statistical formula could predict with 80 percent accuracy that they were about to leave the organization.

What if you knew which of your communications, events and workplace programs resonated with these at-risk employees?

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