Automated employee news digest

The days of “I didn’t see that” are over. News Digest curates and sends a personalized wrap-up of that week's news to every employee.

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Key Benefits


No more rushing to meet deadlines; News Digests are built and sent automatically.

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Truly personalized

From events to subject lines, each Digest is made up of tailored content for each employee.

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Manage preferences

Employees select their preferred interests, language, delivery times, and frequency.

What makes our employee news solution different?

Delivery preferences with the selections weekly on Monday at 9:00 AM EST

A modern experience

Just like Apple and Google, News Digests allows you to deliver a modern experience to your employee’s inbox on their schedule. Whether they read their Digest over Monday morning coffee or what they end their week on, your employees choose the ideal delivery time for them.

Broadcast Insights

Real-time analytics

Like all of the other Broadcast channels, you receive real-time analytics on how your employees interact with News Digests. You can see trending stories and categories with just a few clicks.

Individual metrics for a story that includes engagement score, amount delivered, opens, unique opens and unique clicks

Want to see how automated News Digests can save your team time?

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Broadcast plans are designed to grow with you.
News Digests is included in these plans:


When you have multiple channels, Premier ties everything together.


The solution for communicating to a deskless or hybrid workforce.