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New Outlook is Missing Important Features for Internal Communicators

  • Microsoft is disabling classic Outlook add-Ins, and the new Outlook missing features will impact users.
  • This could impact every organization in every industry because it affects internal communications.

  • Now’s the time to change from a web-based email client to an accessible, convenient, flexible, and reliable cloud- based solution — Cerkl Broadcast.
new outlook missing features

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New Outlook Missing Features —
So What’s the Problem?

The classic Outlook extensions are being killed and the new Outlook is missing some key features.

  • The new Outlook missing features are Outlook COM or VSTO add-ins that won’t work with the new Outlook email client.

  • This means you won’t be able to integrate your Outlook COM or VSTO add-ins and continue using your third party communication tools.

  • Providers that could be affected by this dramatic change include:
    • Staffbase
    • PoliteMail
    • Contact Monkey
New Outlook Missing Features

What are your options?

New Outlook Missing Features

Switch to the new Outlook

Switch to the new Outlook that is missing important features

New Outlook Missing Features

Use old Outlook without support

Continue using the old, classic Outlook without support or updates — But this presents an immediate, very real infosec risk

New Outlook Missing Features

Switch to native cloud-based solution

Make a change for the better and switch to a superior, native cloud-based solution like Broadcast

How the New Outlook and Missing Features May Affect Users

  • QUsers will lose access to additional features and functionalities provided by COM and/or VSTO add-ins
  • QAdd-in tools for automation, integration with third-party services, and customization won’t be available
  • QAdd-ins for scheduling, productivity, or collaboration won’t be available, which can lead to a reduction in functionality
  • QBusiness workflows that depend on these add-ins for efficiency and productivity will probably be disrupted
  • New web add-ins might not fully replicate functionality
  • Users face a possible challenge with the change in user interface and experience for workflows
  • Users will need to adapt to the native capabilities of the new Outloo

How can Broadcast Help You?

Broadcast is a versatile, omnichannel platform that serves as a centralized hub for all communication assets. It is designed to ensure that communicators can easily access and manage information, which makes planning considerably more effective. There is a great scheduling option and Broadcast allows users to segment their audiences. It also incorporates superior feedback and analytics tools. Responsive email templates with their popular drag-and-drop feature save time and money and provide internal communicators with real-time insights.

New Outlook Missing Features

Stand-out advantages include:


Broadcast has a scalable infrastructure that suits all size organizations regardless of structure. It handles large email volumes easily and efficiently without performance issues.

Collaboration and automation

Collaboration features including retargeting messages, campaigns, and distribution lists synced directly to HRIS and Payroll systems make it easier for internal communicators to coordinate email campaigns and announcements.

Global accessibility

Users can access communications from anywhere with an internet connection. AI auto-translate allows internal communicators to send messages to employees regardless of location, device, timezone, or language.


The cloud-based system reduces the risk of downtime or email delivery failures. Internal communications reach intended recipients consistently, without disruptions.

Analytics and tracking

Broadcast’s real-time analytics and tracking tools allow communicators to measure message impact.

This enhances the planning process with data-driven insights for adapting and improving communication strategies.

Superior deliverability tools

Superior deliverability tools Broadcast’s deliverability tools help to email delivery rates by reducing the likelihood of emails being marked as spam or rejected by recipient servers.

No maintenance for users

Cerkl handles the
maintenance and upkeep of the email infrastructure,
including software updates, security patches, and
hardware maintenance.

No more reliance on IT services

No more reliance on IT services Because the platform is entirely self-serve, there is no longer a
need to rely, and wait, on IT for reports, distribution lists, and other tasks.

New Outlook Missing Features

The combination of scalability, reliability, advanced deliverability tools, global accessibility, and collaboration features make Broadcast’s cloud-based email services the preferred choice for discerning internal communicators.

… and you won’t have to worry about the new Outlook missing features you’ve depended on for so long!

What can Cerkl Broadcast do for you?