Cerkl for Internal Comms

Amplify Employee Engagement

Cerkl connects your existing communication channels to provide a seamless, personalized experience for every employee. Greatness awaits…

6 Week Launch

Easy Integrations

Analytics Included

Collaborate Easily

Mobile Ready

Share Reports

Intranet Friendly

Progressive Security

Modernize Your Intranet

Cerkl works with your existing Sharepoint intranet, custom intranet or other vendor platforms to maximize your investment.

Channel Mastery

Stop the copy & paste madness. Cerkl automatically distributes your content to every channel employees use.

Save Time

Overloaded? Cerkl will save your team 40 hours a month.

2.4 M

Users Worldwide

112 M

Personalized Emails


Staff Hours Saved


Avg. Engagement Increase


Automation Impact

Cerkl's automation can save you major time and money. See what you can save!

Powering your internal communications with artificial intelligence will save your organization an estimated:

staff hours per year

Annual Savings

Employee Hours per Year

Employee Retention Savings

Emp. Productivity Cost Savings

Total Savings

Email Personalization

Save time and increase engagement with our automatically personalized emails.

Web Personalization

Turn any intranet or employee app into a personalized content showcase.

Content Manager

Bring all your content together in one searchable, sortable place.


Clicks, opens, and engagement for every location and person.

Email Blasts

Create emails using our quick & friendly creator.

Customer Success

Always available, our team helps you reach goals big and small.