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Cerkl Broadcast

Cerkl Introduces Content Manager

In late April, Cerkl released the Content Manager. Here's a look at your new content experience. 
Written by: Rachel Folz
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Published: April 26, 2018
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A new way to manage your Cerkl content is here. For the last few months, we’ve been gathering feedback from our customers about how they’d like to manage their content. On April 30, Cerkl released Content Manager.

Cerkl content manager badge logo

Content Manager is your one-stop shop to publish, approve, and manage your content. This reimagined portal will save time and give you a better visual representation of the content available to your Cerkl audience.

We know that people work differently, that’s why the Content Manager offers a variety of views to help you understand what Updates, Events, and Needs are available to be sent to your Cerkl audience. We can’t wait to show you around, so let’s get started!

What’s in the Content Manager?

Adding Content

Bringing new Updates, Needs, Events, and Links to your audience has never been easier. Now you can publish to your Cerkl without ever leaving your Content Manager.

Approved Content Views

For Cerkl admins, it’s important to understand what content is available to send to your audience during any period. Content Manager offers a variety of helpful Filters to help you dig into your potential content. If you are an Insights 2.0 user, these filtering options should feel familiar.

In this section, you can filter by Publish Date, Categories, Segment, Content Source, Post Priority, and Content Type. You can also choose to see the always-available Evergreen Content or the Expired Content.

Cerkl Content Manager now offers two ways to see the content our A.I. could choose for your audience; list and calendar. No matter the view you choose, Content Manager allows you to generate, edit, view, or delete content.

Approved List View

When you arrive in the Content Manager, you’ll start in a list view of your Approved content. Beyond headlines, you can also see your content’s priority, categories, and source.

By default, we sort by the publish start date but you can sort by publish or expiration date, post title, or source.

Approved Calendar View

Visual folks, rejoice! A click on the calendar icon will reveal a whole new way to see your usable content – calendar view.

Here you can see all potentially sendable content for each day. Green items are new that day, red items are expiring.

Click on any item to open an expanded preview and from there delete or edit the post.

A New Queue for You

Your organization’s Content Manager queue has been reimagined to save time and help you better engage with your audience.

Here you can sort, filter, approve, and delete content. If you manage a lot of content from a variety of sources or integrations, get ready to cheer – Content Manager includes the ability to delete or approve multiple pieces of content with just two clicks.

If you like the classic view, just click the expansion arrow and we will bring you that experience.

Content Manager’s search goes across Approved, Queued, and Draft content to find what you are looking for.

When you search a word, Content Manager looks in the title, categories, and content source for your term, quickly delivering you results.

Content Manager is just one of the major platform updates we’ve planned for this year to help our customers save time and increase audience engagement. All updates are available to Cerkl customers for no additional charge.

What’s Next?

See how our new Content Manger will transform the way your organization does communications. Schedule your demo now.

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