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Cerkl’s Tagging Now Powered by Watson

Cerkl is using the computing capability of IBM's Watson to power automated audience engagement. 
Written by: Rachel Folz
Watson auto tagging
Published: September 19, 2017

You might remember Watson from his historic $1 million “Jeopardy!” win against all-time human champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter back in 2011. Since then, IBM’s engineers have been hard at work developing solutions that use Watson’s powerful Artificial Intelligence engine to make data processing simpler and more human.

Watson on Jeopardy

One of those projects is IBM’s Watson Natural Language Understanding (WNLU). This program uses Watson’s processing power to smartly determine what categories and keywords should be associated with a piece of content. Cerkl’s auto-tagging is now powered by WNLU.

When a story, video, or event shows up in a Cerkl partner’s approval queue, Watson goes to work, automatically discovering what the content is about and applying Cerkl category tags. Using those category tags, Cerkl then selects what content your audience wants to see on your website and newsletter and delivers them a personalized experience.

Personalized Tabs with curated content for Maddy and Joe

What’s Next?

Watson’s auto-tagging power means smarter and more personalized audience engagement for our partners. Watson auto-tagging is free for all Cerkl partners.

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