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Internal Communication Campaign: Why Should You Measure Effectiveness?

Introducing Broadcast's new feature: Campaigns. Boost your internal communication with targeted campaigns while measuring effectiveness.
Written by: Cerkl
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Published: July 12, 2023

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In the landscape of internal communication, measuring the effectiveness of internal communication campaigns is essential for communicators and stakeholders alike. To address this need, Cerkl introduced Broadcast Campaigns – an important feature that allows you to group and analyze communication blasts for different topics or audiences. We’ll explore how Broadcast’s internal communication campaign feature can elevate your internal communication strategy by measuring communication effectiveness. This accelerates learning and adoption, and empowers stakeholders with valuable insights.

managing internal communication campaigns

Understanding Broadcast Internal Communication Campaigns

Broadcast Campaigns enables you to organize a collection of communications relating to a specific topic, audience, or other attribute you want to assign it. You can create a campaign for any grouping or use any name for your specific use cases. These internal communication campaigns offer unlimited analytics capabilities to provide robust insights. By grouping related communications, you can easily measure and compare the performance of different campaigns. That way, you gain a deeper understanding of their impact that can be used to improve future communications and initiatives.

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Broadcast Campaigns includes some important features and functionalities:

  • Functionality: Broadcast Campaigns allow you to group communications – by person, topic, and other internal communication attributes. As a result, you get analytics and insights from each chosen group. This allows you to report specifically on any desired audience.
  • Value Added: The primary value of an internal communication campaign lies in comparing the performance of communications related to specific topics or even the same campaign at a different time. Communicators can evaluate their effectiveness and adjust strategies for future communications.
  • Campaign Limits: There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can create. However, there is a limit to how many campaigns each blast can be added to. 

Creating your Internal Communication Campaign

The process of creating an internal communication campaign involves identifying key themes and grouping them into campaigns. Then, you deploy them with analytics, share insights with stakeholders, and use past data to refine future strategies. 

First, you need to identify common themes that you want to address in your communication blasts, such as new product updates, policy changes, or company-wide events. Secondly, group these blasts into campaigns based on their relevance and timing. This allows you to maintain consistency and coherence in your messaging. 

Once the campaigns are deployed, you’ll gather analytics to measure their impact and effectiveness. Analytical data will provide valuable insights into the reach, engagement, and feedback from your audience. Next, share these analytics with relevant stakeholders and team members to foster transparency and collaboration. 

Finally, when you embark on a similar initiative in the future, review the analytics from previous campaigns to learn from past experiences and refine your communication strategies. By following these steps, you can leverage the Broadcast Internal Communication Campaigns feature to strengthen internal communication and drive better results.

measuring communication effectiveness

For instance, one communication might have these different campaigns: 

  1. The Initiative (New Remote Work Policy) which will keep you organized for one set of stakeholders
  2. The time of year (Q3) which will group your comms of the time to see if seasonality was a factor
  3. The Overall Reason (Policy Comms) these are long term things we are all working on
  4. The Communicator (Stacey) which is for someone’s personal betterment.

Measuring Communication Effectiveness and Benefits

Broadcast Campaigns address critical needs and challenges faced by internal communication departments and stakeholders. Rachel Folz, Cerkl’s Director of Product discusses the benefits this feature brings to internal communicators and companies as a whole.

Internal communicators publish different blasts which usually have a similar theme, but they don’t know or don’t have the functionality in their employee comms software to get insights merged together.

Here’s how they solve key pain points: 

  • Enhanced Performance Measurement: Communicators can effectively gauge the success of an internal communication campaign by comparing all metrics and analytics or filter out any that aren’t relevant. This enables them to identify successful strategies, accelerate learning and adoption on the platform, and make data-driven decisions to optimize future campaigns. Also, you are able to examine and optimize related initiatives like open enrollment or annual giving quarterly reports. Learn from what you did last and keep improving.
  • Streamlined Stakeholder Management: Managing campaigns can be complex, involving multiple teams and stakeholders. Broadcast Campaigns provide a holistic view of campaign performance, allowing stakeholders to assess the overall impact and success of their efforts. This comprehensive perspective saves time, eliminates nagging for stats, and enables stakeholders to focus on higher-level tasks such as analyzing reports and driving strategic initiatives.
  • Three Layers of Value: Cerkl’s Broadcast Campaigns offer three distinct components of value. At the bottom layer, hyper-tactical work is facilitated, ensuring efficient execution of measuring communication effectiveness. The middle layer focuses on management work. This enables communicators to rise above basic reporting and delve into other tasks: contextualizing data, understanding user journeys, and altering their communications based on the data you gain around their campaign metrics. Finally, at the top layer, strategic value is created, empowering communicators to drive impactful and strategic communication initiatives.
measuring internal communication effectiveness

Adding Value With an Internal Communication Campaign

Compared to competitors, Cerkl Broadcast’s internal communication campaigns offer an accessible solution. By providing the tools for organizing and analyzing communication campaigns, Cerkl empowers communicators to achieve their goals and drive strategic initiatives effectively. 

Cerkl Broadcast Campaigns elevate the way internal communicators measure communication effectiveness, analyze, and optimize their campaigns. By leveraging an internal communication campaign, communicators can gain valuable insights, accelerate learning and adoption, and streamline stakeholder management.

What’s Next?

With unlimited messaging capabilities, integrated analytics, and a user-friendly interface, Broadcast Campaigns provide communicators with the tools they need to elevate their internal communication strategy and drive meaningful results. Contact us today to learn more.

Unleash the potential of Cerkl Broadcast Campaigns today and take your internal communication analytics to new heights.

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