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New Admin Permissions Give Communicators More Control

We’re giving you more control over the permissions you grant to Team Members in Cerkl. Welcome to our new admin permissions.
Written by: Rachel Folz
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Published: March 8, 2020
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The communicators using Cerkl today needed more control over who can view and edit certain areas, so we’ve reimagined our admin permissions to remove collaboration barriers for employee communication. 

After months of research into what challenges you face granting and understanding permissions in Cerkl, we came up with a way to make our permissions more accessible and secure without interrupting your workflows.

Simple Roles

In our new permissions, there are only Team Members and Admins. A Team Member can have any permission. Admins have all permissions, plus the ability to add and edit Team Members. 

Screenshot of Cerkl's new admin permissions. Shows two Admins and one Team Member
Example: Barry and Maddy are Admins, but Molly is a Team Member. You can give Molly all the permissions, but unless she is an Admin, she won’t be able to view, edit, or add other Team Members.

Feature Level Permissions

Our big goal with this project was to clarify what the permissions do inside of Cerkl. That’s why Cerkl permissions moving forward will be at the feature level. That means that instead of bundling our best guess of permissions for different teams, we are allowing you to control what features Team Members can access and manage inside of Cerkl. 

A screenshot of Cerkl Team Member Permissions

If a Team Member does not have a permission for a feature, their experience inside of Cerkl will not include that section. 

We wanted to minimize the impact of this release for our Cerkl users. After the change is released, you’ll be asked to log in, and then things should feel normal again.

If you are currently an Owner, you will emerge from this change as an Admin. You’ll have the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. This is the case for 89% of our Cerkl users. 

What’s Next?

This change might be a great opportunity to audit and update what permissions your teams need to do great work. If you need help getting started, reach out to the Cerkl Success Team via our chatbot.

How can new admin permissions allow you to have more control with your internal comms? Schedule a demo with us and let us show you.

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