Audience Manager

Employee audience segmentation made easy

Broadcast offers multiple options for managing your audiences.

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Key Benefits


From real-time to manual uploads, we offer multiple options.

Individual metrics

“I never received that email” – know the answer in seconds.

Secure and private

Limit admin access through SSO. GDPR and CCPA compliant.

It’s never been easier to deliver the right message to the right person.


Define and manage without IT

No need to put in constant IT requests for a change or updated list. With our rule-based segmentation, sync to your current system of record and build an audience from any employee attribute such as hire date or reporting manager.

Cerkl Broadcast Dynamic Segments, Segments, Segmentation, Manual Segments
Broadcast integrates with Workday
Broadcast integrations
Broadcast integrates with Peoplesoft
Integrate your SAP HRIS data with Broadcast easily

Connect your distribution lists

Broadcast integrates with your organization’s existing systems of record. Workday, Active Directory or other systems can all be integrated easily.

Manual Segments

Upload your current Excel Sheets

Whether it’s a one-off committee list or just how you manage employee data, segments can be manually uploaded from a formatted .csv.

Cerkl Broadcast Dynamic Segments, Segments, Segmentation, Manual Segments

Want to manage your employee audience for more fluid comms?