Broadcast Content Hub

Create once, distribute everywhere

One place to create, deploy, and track your internal communications content performance.

Cerkl Broadcast - Content Manager
employee engagement mobile app

Centralize Content Management

Stop jumping between platforms to copy and paste your work, search, or pull analytics.

Prioritize stories and alerts

Send your must-see news with confidence with pinned content and mobile push notifications.


Get rid of “Why am I seeing this?” Our SharePoint web part builds relevant experiences for each employee

Embrace your corporate structure

Simply target and cascade news when needed, no matter how complex the structure.

The content distribution platform you’ve always dreamed of.

Publish once

Simplify your distribution

Cerkl Broadcast creates a unified employee experience via our white-labeled employee app, email, and your intranet. With one click you can publish your comms to every channel.

Internal Communication Content Manager
Cerkl Broadcast - Content Manager
Content controls

Prioritize and segment

Broadcast Content Manager gives you the ability to target individual pieces of content so you can get easily get the right information to the correct audience at the right time.

Broadcast Content Archive

Universal search

No matter what channel you send content to, our Content Manager can find it in an instant. Don’t waste time combing through your intranet, app, and newsletter to fix a single grammatical issue.

Cerkl Broadcast - Content Manager

Not just SharePoint

Broadcast integrates with nearly every major intranet and HRIS platform not to mention support for thousands of different content sources.

Active Directory

Ready to simplify your internal communications distribution?

Why build a newsletter when Broadcast can do it for you?

Cerkl Broadcast can be added to your existing intranet to create personalized employee experiences.

Avoid your employee’s cluttered inboxes by sending urgent messages via our app.