Broadcast Mobile

Deskless employee engagement, simplified

Quickly stand up a clutter-free mobile employee experience for your news, SharePoint content, and employee info.

Your company’s iOS or Android app can go live in weeks – not months.
Broadcast Employee Mobile App
employee engagement mobile app


Prioritize and send your content to your workforce with personalized in-app notifications.

Push notifications

Avoid cluttered inboxes, send alerts to your employees wherever they are.

employee engagement mobile app

Essential links menu

Customize your organizational menu to cater to your employees’ needs.

What makes our deskless employee engagement solution different?

Content Manager

Centralize your communications

Every piece of content is in the palm of your employees’ hands with our universal search functionality, personalized newsfeed and in-app notifications.

Cerkl Broadcast - Employee Mobile App
Cerkl Broadcast Mobile App
Essential Links Menu

Pick customizable menu items

You have complete control over both the look and the links within the app. Not only can it match your brand, but it also makes getting Workday, SharePoint, and any other internal sites more accessible than ever.

Cross-channel comms

Simplified content distribution

Cerkl Broadcast creates a unified employee experience via our white-labeled employee app, email, and your intranet. With one click, send your news and content to every channel.

Cerkl Broadcast - Employee Mobile App

Think our employee mobile app fits with your deskless strategy?

Alert your employees across every channel for your time-sensitive communications.

Stop with the endless copy and paste each time you write a piece. With one click, deploy content across all of the channels your employees love.

See how the Broadcast suite is a holistic solution for engaging mobile workers