Personalized Newsletters

Curate existing content for your internal news

No more time wasted on building your employee newsletter - we’ll do it for you.

Personalized Employee Newsletters

Personalized news

Subject line, stories, and events - everything - collected for each employee.


Welcome process learns about each employee's interests.

Cross-channel comms

Create content once, let your employees access it via the channels they love.

What makes our employee email newsletter different?


We start you off on the right foot

With the Cerkl Welcome Email, employees select what type of content they want to see and when they want to see it. Let them feel heard from the beginning!

Cerkl Broadcast - Personalized Employee Newsletters
Cerkl Broadcast - Personalized Employee Newsletters
Employee newsletter

Our beautifully responsive, automated newsletters

Ditch the PDF newsletter and the 10+ emails you send a day. We’ll distribute your internal content to employees on their schedule, language, and preferred format. No worries, you still have plenty of control.

Broadcast Insights

Real-time analytics that matter

Show leadership how essential internal communications is to their organization by measuring your content performance, employee engagement levels by location and department, and much more.

Cerkl Broadcast - Personalized Employee Newsletters

Ditch building email newsletters and track your individual content.

Save your employees time + resources to prove your ROI.

Go beyond click metrics and truly understand your workforce.

Take the time you wasted copying & pasting and use it to make an impact.