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How to Choose The Right Internal Communication Software

Select the perfect employee communication software for your organization's needs with these 5 essential tips.
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Published: July 28, 2023

Running a healthy, successful workplace requires internal communication tools, as it is an essential tool for larger, modern, organizations to do well financially. The key to streamlining internal communications lies in leveraging employee communication apps and employee communication software. According to McKinsey Global Institute, employee productivity increases by 20-25% in organizations with fully implemented social technology.

How to Choose The Right Internal Communication Software

There is also a positive correlation between productivity and profitability, says the London School of Economics. That is why choosing the right internal communication software is vital. Selecting the ideal software that is right for your organization’s unique needs and qualities is difficult, but we’re going to break it down into 5 key aspects.

Identifying Needs for Employee Communication Software

According to Hubspot, it takes up to 170 days (5.5 months) to complete the whole SaaS sales cycle, so starting on time is very important. It’s important to follow a systematic approach to buying internal communication software. This ensures you select the right fit that meets your organization’s needs. 

What kind of capabilities do you need from your employee communication software? Consider factors such as the size of your organization, the number of employees, the type of communication channels you need, and the features that would be most beneficial. Some features might include an activity feed, conferencing, instant messaging, and analytics. 

You should also conduct a thorough assessment of your organization’s current communication practices and identify areas of improvement. Involve relevant teams or people so you know what they need from your communications.

Selecting Employee Communication Software Features

The next step would be to look for specific features for employee communication software. These features will be dependent on your organization and individual needs. A platform with integration capabilities, file, and document sharing, and employee data may be the right fit. 

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News-sharing capabilities are also important to look for. This way, the information your employees receive is efficiently distributed. For news-sharing, email blasts are a feature that every company in the world needs. With blasts, you can customize your communications for any occasion, any group of people, and any time. Target individual audiences or send to all of the staff. As a result, communications are sent in a way that works for each individual employee.  

Additionally, the presence of analytics and reporting functionalities are important features. Measuring and analyzing data can show you the platform’s effectiveness and optimize internal communication strategies. Ultimately, employee communication apps should be able to measure the analytics that matter to you.

Evaluating User-Friendly Interface and Integrations 

An intuitive and user-friendly interface is a key factor when selecting employee communication software. Your communicators will be interacting with this platform on a daily basis, so it’s essential it’s easy to navigate and utilize. Conduct trials or request demos to gauge the software’s ease of use and gather feedback. A well-designed interface minimizes the learning curve, resulting in higher adoption rates and ultimately, increased productivity. Make sure the software is as easy to use as possible, like consumer-facing software. Anything more complicated will risk the adoption of what should be a company-wide solution.

Also, internal communication tools with robust integration capabilities can seamlessly connect with other essential software applications, such as project management tools, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and collaboration platforms. Integrations with Teams, Slack, or Sharepoint are a must-have capability these days. By integrating these tools, employees can access all communication from a central place. 

Checking Employee Communication Apps Reputation and Support 

The reliability and reputation of the employee communication software are other considerations. Check their website or other sources for customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies. Case studies can show you how they worked with a specific kind of business that might be similar to yours. Inquire about their customer support availability, response times, and support channels. Make sure the vendor has a track record of providing reliable and responsive support.

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Doing the Employee Communication Apps Cost Analysis 

Initial investments and software deployment costs are important considerations when selecting from different internal communication tools. Making a cost-effective choice ensures that the organization can allocate its resources wisely, optimizing its return on investment. For instance, employee communication apps might not suit your organization, but the plan you were looking at requires you to pay for it. You might consider rethinking your software platform. 

Besides the upfront costs, it’s essential to evaluate any ongoing fees or subscription charges associated with the software. Assessing the deployment complexity and time required for implementation is equally important; it directly impacts business operations and productivity.

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Deciding on the Best Internal Communication Tools

Choosing the right employee communication software is a significant decision that can transform how your organization collaborates and communicates. It also directly impacts the whole company’s financial performance and employee efficiency. By considering factors such as user-friendliness, personal communication needs, vendor reputation, and cost analysis, you can find the perfect internal communication tool. Investing in top-notch employee communication apps, employee communication software, and internal communication tools will make for a more connected and productive workplace.

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What is Employee Communication Software?

Employee communication software is a digital tool that facilitates and improves communication within an organization. This type of software aims to enhance the flow of information, collaboration, and engagement among team members regardless of physical location or work setup. It can take the form of employee communication apps or a web platform allowing employees to communicate easily, share information, and stay informed.

What is the most important internal communication tool?

While several tools contribute to effective employee communication, it is challenging to pinpoint a single “most important” tool as it can vary depending on an organization’s needs. However, one tool that has gained significant popularity and importance in recent years is the intranet or digital workplace platform.

What are some common employee communication devices?

Common employee communication devices refer to the various tools and technologies that employees use to communicate and house employee communication software. These devices can range from traditional methods to modern digital solutions. The most common employee communication devices are desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones.