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Pulse Survey Tool: Better Understand Your Audience Feelings

The goal of this addition is to better your experience, provide you with metrics, and assist you when creating your beautiful emails.
Written by: Rachel Folz
Art showing Pulse Surveys in Cerkl Broadcast
Published: May 2, 2022

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Pulse Surveys allow you to gain a better understanding of your audience members’ opinions and feelings. With Pulse Survey Tool, you can…

  • Get answers to your long-standing questions.
  • More efficiently create and send out a survey.
  • Show survey metrics to leadership while celebrating a job well done.

We listened to the numerous requests from our customers asking for Pulse Survey Tool, and we worked to build a feature that would help everyone do their best work. The goal of this addition is to better your experience, provide you with metrics, and assist you when creating your beautiful emails

As of May, your Pulse Survey dreams have become a reality. You can now add a Pulse Survey directly to your Email Blast without going to a separate site. 

Using surveys, you can get responses from your employees on any and all questions you would like to ask. Here are some examples to get you thinking about the endless question possibilities:

  • How would you rate your onboarding experience?
  • How are you feeling about your job today?
  • Have you heard about our new feature?
  • How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend? 

To get started, all you have to do is drag and drop your Pulse Survey Tool into any email you are creating with Broadcast Blasts and customize it to your liking. Once your employees receive the message, they can register their response, and you will get great, quick insight into the sentiment of your organization.

After the send, the fun begins. Your Broadcast Blast Insights include this wonderful, shareable, easy-to-understand data visualization of audience responses. Gaining this feedback from your Pulse Survey can give you a lot of insight into where your employees stand, how they feel, what they’ve heard about, and much much more. 

What’s Next?

No better time than today to add a survey to your email and get a pulse-check on your employees! Pulse Survey Tool is free for all Broadcast accounts. Yeah, you heard that right… Free for ALL accounts.

Not a Broadcast client? You should be. Let us show you how we are solving the biggest problems that internal communicators face. Request a demo today.

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