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Workiversary: Best Time for Employee Recognition

Celebrate work milestones and recognize employee achievements with personalized happy workiversary campaigns.
Written by: Cerkl
workiversary to recognize stellar employees
Published: July 7, 2023
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Employee recognition is a crucial aspect of fostering a positive and productive work environment. While there are various ways to acknowledge employee achievements and contributions, celebrating work anniversaries, commonly known as a “workiversary,” holds a special significance. We are covering some ways to say happy workiversary to your stellar employees.

Achievers survey finds that 44% of employees ready to leave their current employers do that because of a lack of recognition and engagement at their current employer. It is essential for raising employee morale, improving job satisfaction, and encouraging a sense of dedication and loyalty among the workforce.

Workiversary Meaning

A workiversary marks the length of time an employee has been with a company or organization. It is a significant achievement that showcases their devotion to their job and the organization as a whole. The term “workiversary” combines the words “work” and “anniversary,” highlighting the unique nature of this occasion within the professional world.

workiversary meaning

Workiversaries are a concept that was born out of an understanding of the value and significance of employee retention. Employers show appreciation and support for their workforce’s stability by celebrating workiversaries. These achievements also give companies a chance to show their gratitude and appreciation for a worker’s ongoing service, helping to create a productive and encouraging workplace environment.

Ways to Celebrate a Happy Workiversary

Happy workiversary events are an excellent opportunity for employers to show appreciation for their employees’ ongoing commitment and hard work. These events can take various forms, depending on the organization’s culture, resources, and preferences. Here are some ideas to make happy workiversary celebrations meaningful and impactful:

Social Gatherings

Organize team outings, lunches, or dinners to celebrate workiversaries together. These gatherings provide coworkers a chance to connect, swap tales, and make lifelong memories. They also promote friendship and emphasize the value of teamwork. Tailor the celebration to each employee’s preferences and interests. Consider their hobbies, favorite activities, or personal milestones when planning the event. Personalized recognition demonstrates that the organization values and understands each individual employee.

For Cerkl’s own team member, Sam, we decided to celebrate his own 5-year work anniversary with an office party. This event was an amazing opportunity for his friends to show their appreciation for his dedication to the organization, themed around The Office, one of his favorite shows. We catered with Currito and provided cheesecake as the dessert (both some of his favorite foods). There was also a slideshow with some memories from his time here at Cerkl and a trivia game about Sam for both in-person and virtual attendees! We wanted to tailor it to what he loves – his music, food, personality, and more – so we could truly show him how much we care. 

Here’s what Jacob, one of his co-workers, has to say about Sam: 

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the party planning committee for Sam’s 5 year work anniversary. 5 years at Cerkl is a big deal and it is so cool to see all the thought, care, and personal touches that go into it. Cerkl has even gone so far as to include Sam’s friends and family in the celebration! Cerkl would not be the same without him so it is important we let him know that. In doing so I also hope it inspires others to work as hard as Sam has over these past 5 years.

Let’s see what Sam thinks.

Work Anniversary Gifts and Time Off

Offer a token of appreciation to mark the workiversary. It could be something practical or a personalized item that holds sentimental value. The gift serves as a lasting reminder of the employee’s dedication and the organization’s gratitude. It should be personalized, tailored to the person’s experiences at the company in order to demonstrate understanding of the individual. 

Delta Marketing has some amazing work anniversary gifts: 

  • Tailored Gift Baskets: For the movie lover, a gift card for the movie theater, popcorn, candy, and a DVD. Or if they love the outdoors, you could give them survival items and things they will need for camping. 
  • Work-from-home care package: Lap desks, a fluffy blanket, or a coffee mug will make their remote work experience much more enjoyable. 
  • Indulgent treats: chocolate, gummy candy, fudge, anything that will satisfy their sweet tooth
  • Unique office items: If you know their decor taste, give them a desk lamp they will love or even a mini desk vacuum. 
  • Luxury home item: Give them an oil diffuser or a plant they will love to take care of.

Here at Cerkl, for Sam’s workiversary gift, we compiled a video of some memories that he has made at Cerkl events and even interviews with his colleagues, family, and friends. It is filled with funny moments and some sentimental ones for him to remember. A good friend who works at Cerkl also put together a photo album with some more pictures for him to keep and cherish. 

happy workiversary collage

Also, consider granting the employee an extra day off or a flexible schedule to celebrate their workiversary. This gesture acknowledges the employee’s hard work while allowing them to relax and recharge, promoting the importance of work-life balance.

Employee Recognition Letter

An employee recognition letter for a happy workiversary holds immense importance in acknowledging and appreciating an employee’s long-standing commitment and contributions to the organization. Such a letter provides a formal and tangible way for employers and fellow employees to express gratitude and recognition for an employee’s dedicated service. It serves as a lasting document that employees can keep and cherish, symbolizing their achievements and milestones within the company.

An employee recognition letter also serves as a powerful tool for boosting employee morale and job satisfaction. When an employer takes the time to write a personalized letter highlighting the employee’s accomplishments, growth, and impact on the organization, it demonstrates genuine appreciation and recognition. This recognition has a profound impact on an employee’s sense of value and belonging within the company, fostering a positive work environment. 

There is also data that supports this idea. Corvirtus conducted a study on employees that, if they hit a certain benchmark, they would get either a financial reward, a pizza, or a compliment. The result? Employees who received compliments and pizza led to significant increases in productivity and the financial reward is not the most motivating prize. Compliments are enough motivation for people to engage more at work.  

Other employees can sign and add to the recognition that is awarded. This way, they are being recognized not only by the people they work for but also by the people they work with. The letter not only boosts the recipient’s self-esteem and motivation but also inspires other employees to strive for similar achievements, thereby enhancing overall productivity and engagement within the workforce.

Benefits of Celebrating a Workiversary

Happy workiversary celebrations are essential for raising spirits, fostering a sense of community, and encouraging happiness in general at work. Employee pride and accomplishment are increased when workiversaries are acknowledged and celebrated. It demonstrates that the organization values and appreciates their work and dedication. 

This recognition contributes to a positive work environment where employees feel acknowledged and motivated to continue their dedicated efforts. As a result, employee morale significantly improves and there is a higher likelihood that they will experience a deeper sense of loyalty and connection to the company. Nectar’s survey of employee recognition reports that 83.6% of employees feel like recognition affects their motivation at work.

employee recognition stats and quotes

Moreover, workiversary celebrations contribute to better retention rates among employees. People become more invested in the organization and their coworkers when they feel appreciated and recognized for their steadfast service. Celebrating workiversaries creates a positive emotional connection and fosters a sense of loyalty and commitment. Employees who feel valued are more likely to remain with the company for the long term, reducing turnover rates and the associated costs of recruiting and training new employees. This increased retention ultimately contributes to a stable and cohesive workforce, promoting better productivity and organizational success.

Make the happy workiversary celebration a public event to ensure that employees receive recognition from their colleagues. Highlight the employee’s accomplishments, growth, and contributions during their time with the organization. In addition to raising spirits, this motivates others to strive for similar achievements. Create a message, such as an email blast, to recognize employees on their workiversaries. Highlight their achievements, milestones, and the impact they have made on the organization. This not only boosts their confidence but also enhances their professional reputation.

Host Workiversaries to Engage Your Employees

By celebrating workiversaries and acknowledging employees’ contributions, organizations foster a culture of appreciation and recognition. A survey from the American Psychological Association revealed that 93% of employees who feel valued said they are motivated to do their best. In addition, 88% of valued employees report being engaged with their work.

However, a company culture that is driven by employee recognition and engagement cannot exist without effective internal communication. Communicators are responsible for creating messages about these important work milestones – like workiversaries – and recognizing employees. They are the ones that craft messages about other employees’ accomplishments to the company. Stories, not just announcements, are what make people feel important. 

Happy workiversary newsletter

Happy workiversary events also provide a valuable opportunity to express gratitude, motivate employees, and strengthen the bond between the organization and its workforce. With a workiversary and an employee recognition letter, your organization can make employees feel seen and valued as well as reap the benefits that employee recognition brings. 

What’s next?

In order to create beautiful communications to celebrate a workiversary, you need the right tools to make effective messaging that is of amazing quality for the recipient and easy to use for the internal communicator.

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What is the meaning of Workiversary?

A workiversary marks the length of time an employee has been with a company or organization. The term “workiversary” combines the words “work” and “anniversary,” highlighting the unique nature of this occasion within the professional world.

Is it workiversary or workaversary?

The most common term is workiversary. According to Rick Joi, author of a book about work anniversaries due for publication in January, 2024, it’s recognized by more people and a much more commonly used search term than workaversary. For instance, it’s three times as popular on Google, twice as popular on Instagram, and amazingly, 20 times more popular when people search on X (previously Twitter).

How to celebrate an employee’s work anniversary?

Celebrate a happy workiversary in a variety of ways, such as with engaging social events that promote teamwork, considerate work anniversary presents that express gratitude, and the possibility of providing well-earned time off. A meaningful note of appreciation that highlights the employees’ accomplishments and unwavering commitment to the company may also be given to them.

What do you write in a 10 year work anniversary message?

Here’s an example of a suitable message: “Congratulations on reaching an incredible milestone —10 years of dedication and hard work with our organization! Your commitment and passion have been instrumental in our success, and we are truly grateful for the positive impact you’ve made. Here’s to another decade of achievements, growth, and continued success together!”

What is the work anniversary called?

The most common term for a work anniversary is workiversary but some people spell it with an a instead of an i — workaversary.

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